Presidents day 2012 Disney World crowds

Presidents day 2012 Disney World crowds

(Souderton, PA)

I am looking to take the family to Walt Disney World next year during Presidents day week. We would like to travel Sat 2-18-12 to 2-25-12. I keep seeing that it will be the Presidents day 2012 Disney World crowds will be out of control. Is there any hope for lighter crowds after that Monday 2-20? Or should we plan for a different week? We want to avoid the crowds, but not pull both children from school for an entire week, so that holiday week looks good. Thanks!

Dad's I don't know Answer

Yes, you read that right. Dad doesn't know. For years, Presidents Day has been a sleepy holiday attended only be a few very lucky Disney World guests. But ... that all changed over the last couple of years.

Last year, Presidents Day was out of control. Huge crowds packed the parks. The year before, the crowds were large, but not like last year.

So what does that mean for the Presidents day 2012 Disney World crowds? (Seems like someone asked that already.) The honest answer is ... I don't know. My guess is it will be somewhere between the out of control crowds of 2010 and the sleepy crowds yesteryear.

It all depends on Disney. The last 2 years Disney has had huge promotions for the spring time. In 2009 they had the pay for 4 get 7 promotion and last year it was free dining in the spring. Disney promoted these specials very heavily and drew huge crowds.

This year, I don't expect the crowds to be as big as last. Why? Because Disney isn't running as big of a special. Yes, they had free dining, but you had to be booked by the 21st of December. Last year they extended the booking period almost until summer.

So, the Presidents Day 2012 Disney World crowds are hard to predict. My best guess is that they will be moderate to heavy all week. But if Disney continues to cut back on the promotions, you could see much smaller crowds next year during the Presidents Day holiday.

Dad's February Disney World Crowds page

Sorry, that's not very helpful.

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Feb 07, 2012
Disney crowds
by: Anonymous

Do not buy these rip off crowd calendars. They have no idea what the disney crowds will be. We just returned week of 02-01-12. The place was wall to wall people. Soarin was a 90 minute wait. Test track was a 120 minute wait. Hollywood terror 100 minute wait.

And all crowd calendars say early Feb is a slow time??? THERE IS NO SLOW TIME AT DISNEY.

Feb 06, 2012
President's week
by: Anonymous

Disney is always crowded. If you don't like crowds don't go here. There has never been a slow time at Disney PERIOD!!!

Jan 22, 2012
Disney Crowds
by: Anonymous

Also Dayton 500 is that weekend of Presidents week and Mardi Gras.

Mar 11, 2011
presidents day 2012
by: Anonymous

.Mardi Gras also falls on that week for 2012. If like this year it will be packed.

Mar 05, 2011
President Day 2012
by: Anonymous

While President day week is usually one of he busiest weeks in the spring, it becomes much worse because Mardi Gras falls February 21. That means the whole state of Louisiana is at WDW to escape the crowds in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

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