Presidents Day week?

Presidents Day week?

by Adam
(Oklahoma City)

From one Dad to another. I, using my Dad decision making skills, randomly picked February 15-20 for our first family trip to Disney world. Thinking this would be a great time to visit while other kids are in school and the weather being mild. I promptly made reservations for every thing. Then after the fact went on to research how crowded it would be. said that "presidents day week", of which I've never heard, was one of the most crowded weeks of the year. I went back to the troops and told them that it will be very crowded and to just prepare for that. It was a relief to see that you predict it to be a lightly crowded after that Monday. Should I have the troops stand down or keep preparing for the worst.

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Greetings to a fellow Okie. I live in Edmond. (Sorry, everyone else, it's just good to hear from a neighbor.)

I'm not sure about the busiest week of the year, but Presidents Day weekend will be very busy. The pattern over the last few years are after Monday the crowds thin out pretty quickly.

We always make plans for heavy crowds, and that way if they don't show up we are happily surprised. I'd suggest you make 2 plans. One for heavy crowds and one for nice, quiet, long, days in the parks. When you get up on Tuesday morning, start with plan 1 and see how things progress.

(Kinda wishey-washey aren't I?)

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I can assure you that Monday will be the busiest day you'll be there. Wednesday and Thursday will be noticeably less crowded.

Please let ole' Dad knows how it goes.

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