Price Change After a Reservation is Made

Price Change After a Reservation is Made

by Brandon
(Kansas City MO USA)


"I made my reservations already for a 2019 trip. Will the recent announcements of price increases for tickets and now food change my trip cost? I have reserved my room, tickets, dining plan etc already."

Locked in

The Pirates in Jail with the dog with the key

Your price is locked in just like these guys - Photo by Brett Svenson


You are locked in. Once you have a reservation and have made your deposit your price is locked in.

Yes, the upcoming date based ticket pricing is scary and the price increase is real and considerable, it won't affect your reservation.

I know you already have your reservation made, but I'd still suggest you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel and transfer your reservation over to them.

Dad's Destinations to Travel Page

They'll be able to help if a discount comes out in the future that will save you money. They will work with you on dining reservations (ADR's), FastPass+, itinerary planning and be your new best Disney friend.

Trust me, it helps. I use them myself.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Brandon, the bottom line is you're all good to go and your price is locked in. But do give Destinations to Travel a try.



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Oct 10, 2018
AP prices
by: Janet

Do you know if the price of annual passes will go up on October 16th?

Dad Answers

Disney hasn't said anything about Annual Passes, but I think they will be going up sometime soon.

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