Prices on food and merchandise during Christmas at Disney World

Prices on food and merchandise during Christmas at Disney World

by Lara

I just love your site! It is so organized and the multiple links you have makes information very easy to find! Thanks!

My husband and I have finally saved up enough money to go to Disney for Christmas week,and stay on property (our first time ever)! I was wondering if Disney raises prices on food and merchandise during Christmas at Disney World?

I did use your spreadsheet to figure out if the dining plan was worth it for us, and it will be. Thanks for that awesome tool by the way! I am just worried that my 4 year old Disney daughter will see something that she will just have to have and I won't have budgeted enough money. Any clues would be a great help! Thanks!

Le Cellier is one of the restaurants with higher prices at Christmas

Le Cellier is one of the restaurants with higher prices on food at Christmas at Disney World
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Dad's why, yes they do Answer


First off let me say, congratulations and condolences for going to Disney World at Christmas. Christmas time is Dad's favorite time to visit Disney World. Christmas week may be Dad's least favorite time to visit Disney World.

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Now, to answer your question. Yes, Disney will raise the price on food during Christmas at Disney World. They don't raise the price on merchandise. They leave that the same as the rest of the year.

Some restaurants will have "holiday" pricing. Dates and participating restaurants haven't been announced, but suffice it to say, during Christmas week, if you are eating at a "nice" restaurant, you will pay $3 to $5 per person more than during "normal" times.

Now, about that Christmas Week thing. I hope you are prepared. Christmas Week is the busiest week at Disney World by far during the year. Crowds will be out of control every day from Christmas Day through New Years Day. On Christmas Day, the Magic Kingdom will close to incoming guests around 10:30 am. It's not uncommon to wait 2 hours for a hamburger.

The other parks are a little better, but not much. All 4 parks will have their biggest crowds of the year that week.

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Lara, I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just trying to prepare you. You will really need a plan if you are going to enjoy your trip.
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Dad's Bottom Line

Christmas is a beautiful time to visit Walt Disney World. During Christmas Week, Disney goes all out to make guests as comfortable as possible, but there are still a ton of people there.

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