Princess Half Marathon and Park Crowds

by Nelson
(Pierre Part La.)

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Video Transcript

Question from Nelson in Louisiana.

How does the Princess Half Marathon affect the parks as far as crowds, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We’ll be there February 25th and 26th. Thanks.

Light crowds in EPCOT

Even the crowds in EPCOT are light during the marathons – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Okay, so Nelson when it comes to crowds and the marathons Disney puts the marathons at times where there’s not crowds. It’s a device they use to bring more people to the parks during slow periods.

Number one it’s not going to be terribly busy around the marathon. Number two, marathons don’t bring in that many people. You think about the marathon there’s five … It depends on the marathon but there’s between five thousand and ten thousand entrants.

Entrants being people entered. That’s not a lot of people when it comes to Disney. When you think of the Magic Kingdom adding ten thousand people to the Magic Kingdom takes it from here to here.

Even when you add their families, forty thousand people, you got four parks, Disney will suck up that many people pretty easily. Won’t change the crowd levels. Typically the marathon people don’t come to the parks all that much. The day before they’re getting ready. They might be in the parks but they’re really kind of resting, carbo loading, getting ready for their events.

Some of them run events every day of the weekend. There are events everyday and there are prizes for running all of the events. Sometimes they run all the events. Okay so they’re really not effected.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Bottom line is when it comes to the Princess half marathon …

We were actually there during the big marathon this last year, this year. We were there during the big marathon. No crowds. We were in EPCOT the day of the marathon. People lined up on the marathon route but nobody in the rides. It’s like fifteen minutes for soaring. Nobody in the parks at all. It’s really not a factor. That’s why you have the marathons on those weekends.

It’s not something you need to worry about. That’s the bottom line, dad’s bottom line. Marathon, Princess half, whatever marathon there is, the big marathon not a lot of crowds. Not much to worry about.


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  1. Has to be. I was at Magic Kingdom the day of the Princess Half Marathon and for 1. I could never find a route to actually get there with all the road closures, so arrived an hour after opening, and 2. Magic Kingdom was SWARMING with runners who stayed to play in the park. We saw those darn medals over the next 3 days, what should of been light-moderate crowds ended up being VERY HEAVY! I was quite bitter about advice like this one as a result.

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