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Which Princess Party for a 4 Year Old?

from Salli

What’s the best Princess Party for an almost 4 year old? Visiting in March.

Dad Answers

Hello Salli, welcome to Dad’s Guide. Let’s see if I can help.

Princess Party for a 4 Year Old

Maddie giving Cinderella a hug at a Princess Party for a 4 year old

Maddie was about 4 when she got to see Cinderella – photo by Laurie Sapp

There are so many Princess Parties or character meals at Walt Disney World it’s hard to choose just one. But most of us have to choose just one because that’s all the time and/or money we can afford to invest in a character meal.


How do you choose which one is best for your family?


You do that by choosing the one that will be best for the 4 year old. What characters does she like? I’m assuming it’s a she, but even if it’s a he the same principals still work. Choose the character meal based on what characters are in attendance that they want to see.


If the characters are part of the Fab 5, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto, you’ll have lots of choices. Then, you choose the one with the food that most appeals to the family or the one you can get ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) for.

Wouldn’t be Fair

Salli, it wouldn’t be fair for me to say go to Tusker House and see Donald and Daisy when your child might want to see the Frozen Princesses. I don’t know your kid. You know your kid. Who do they want to see? Look for where that Princess is and try to book a reservation at that restaurant.

All About You

The main theme of my book, Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning is, the trip you are taking is all about YOU. Not me. Not Aunt Jane or Uncle Joe or that obnoxious Disney fan at church. It’s YOUR trip. Make it YOUR trip. Do the things YOU want to do. Eat at the restaurants YOUR family will like. Make YOUR child happy.


That’s what it’s all about. (No hokey pokey jokes.)

Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning on Amazon

Might be a Little Late

It might be a little late to get a reservation at this point. Reservations can be made 180 days prior to arrival. It’s less than 90 days and the character meals are very popular and fill up very early (first day typically). March is also a very busy time at Walt Disney World. I would go TODAY, right now to the Disney website and see what’s available.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Salli, I hope that helps some. I’m sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer, but I don’t know you or your 4 year old. But do go today and try to see if you can find something that will work.


Planning a Disney World vacation should be all about what YOU want to do. Find the things that YOU like. What Princess Party would make your 4 year old happy? That’s the one you book.


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