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Where to get a printable map of Disney Springs?

“I’m going to Cirque du Soleil tomorrow, Wednesday, 8-16, and I printed a map yesterday that included the layout, plus a list of where the restaurants and stores are located. I wanted to try to enlarge it and print it bigger, so I didn’t have to use a magnifier with my readers. I thought I printed it from your site, but I can’t find it now. When I called Disney customer service yesterday looking for a printable map of Disney Springs, they told me they didn’t know of one, and that I should Google it.”

Use the Disney Springs map to find some cupcakes from Sprinkles.

Maybe you can use the map to find some Sprinkles Cupcakes – Photo by Laurie Sapp

No, I don’t have a current map of Disney Springs on my site. It’s just not something that we worry about too much. My guess is that you might have found it on My buddy, Rick, at, he has a page with maps, the map of Disney Springs.

Map of Disney Springs

Now, what it is, is just a copy of the Disney map that they print and they hand out at the parks and at Disney Springs. When you get to Disney Springs, you can get a map. They have them printed right there at Disney Springs. They’re those cool maps that have been around forever. I know Disney is trying to move away from some of those. They don’t print as many options as they used to. The whole world is moving away from paper and it’s sad, says the guy that owns a digital magazine. But it is sad. But paper is expensive. That’s why we’re moving away from it, because it’s expensive.

Disney wants you to use the app on your phone. That’s why they created the app. The maps are right there in the app. The list of locations, the list of restaurants, the list of shops, all right there in the app. And that’s what Disney wants you to do because they want to get away from that paper, because it costs a bunch of money to print all that paper.


Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line, is you can find a printable map of Disney Springs at Search his site and you’ll find it. Or, actually, just Google it and there’ll be a bunch of them come up. Make sure you get Disney Springs and not Downtown Disney, because the Downtown Disney maps are old and they don’t have all the locations on it. So, or just Google it or just go to Disney Springs and pick up a map when you walk in the door.

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