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Punching holes Disney Hotel room keys

by Vickie
(St. Louis)

Hi Dad,

We’re only 40 days from our trip and I’m trying to put together some final logistics.

One random question for you…I know the Disney Room keys also function as your park tickets, meal vouchers, and credit card. What I was wondering is if you receive a lanyard/travel pouch upon arrival?

We were planning on bringing our own if they aren’t typically provided. Also, do you know if you’re allowed to punch a hole in the Disney Hotel room key??? In a perfect world we’d like to forgo the physical pouch and just hang them from the metal clasp on the lanyard since I know they’ll need to be accessible several times throughout the day. (Sorry for the rambling…I hope I’m making some sense…hahaha)

Dad’s I wouldn’t Answer


It’s amazing how time flies. Turn around a couple more times and you’ll find yourself packing and panicking.

You might be able to punch holes in the Disney hotel room keys, but I don’t think that’s a real good idea. The keys are like credit cards. They have magnetic strips in them. I’m not real sure what punching them would do to them, but me, I wouldn’t do it. Also, whenever you need to use the card, you would have to take it off the lanyard. At the gates and the Fastpass machines you actually insert the key in one place and it comes out in another place. It’s not like one of the cash register readers where you slide it through the side.

Lanyards are very popular, and work real well for pin trading. But I’d get a lanyard with a pouch on the end if I was going to put my tickets in it.

Oh, yeah, about your first question, you won’t be given a lanyard but, you can buy them just about anywhere.

Back to Dad’s reluctance …

Dad is not a big fan of displaying your park tickets, room keys, and Visa or Mastercard where just about anyone can reach out and grab them. Theft doesn’t happen very often at Walt Disney World, but there are criminals that will steal things. (Boo.) Yes, it’s hard to say, but it’s true.

When we go to the parks, Mrs. Mom gathers the tickets and puts them in her fanny pack. That way we all know where they are. (Yes, we even did that when the kids were 23 and 19.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Love the idea for lanyards for pin trading, but not so much for the tickets.

Comments for Punching holes Disney Hotel room keys

Dec 14, 2010


by: Anonymous

Thanks Dad!!!
Once again you made the decision very clear…no holes 🙂 I didn’t know that the card readers weren’t the swipe variety, so that’s good to know!

Thanks again for all your advice.

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