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Question about the Fantasyland Expansion

by Crystal
(Cibolo, TX)

Hi Dad,


I love your site, I check it several times a week. Anyway, I have a question about the Fantasyland expansion.


We are planning a trip the 10th-16th of Dec 2011. To the best of your knowledge, does it look like more will be closed than Mickey’s ToonTown Fair and The Barnstormer? I am worried about Dumbo being closed, I think I would cry if I got there and couldn’t take my girls on Dumbo. I know you post information as you receive it, but I was wondering what your thoughts on this timeframe are.


Thank you,
Crystal O.

Dad’s if I were in charge Answer


Hi Crystal,


I appreciate the kind words. I hope you’ll continue stopping by every day. (I’m beginning to think there ought to be a law requiring everyone planning to go to Disney World has to stop by Dad’s site every day.)


Now to your question about the Fantasyland Expansion. This week, Disney announced that Mickey’s Toontown Fair would be closed in February 2011. (There are a lot of sites out the announcing this like it’s big news. It’s not.) Mickey’s Toontown Fair will be replaced by an vastly expanded Fantasyland.


This is not the first thing to be closed. Earlier this year, Disney closed Ariel’s Grotto and the Character Autograph area. They are also moving all of the fairies to other areas.


So what does that mean for Dumbo. We never know what Disney is actually going to do, but if it were me here’s how I’d make the changes to Dumbo. (And I’d almost guarantee this is what Disney will do.) Disney will open the new Dumbo ride with the new carousel during a slow time of year (February, September). Then they will remove the old ride, refurbish it and add it to the new pavilion.


Dad’s Dumbo ride page


This would be the best way to put in the new Dumbo ride, especially since they are moving Dumbo and the new ride isn’t near the current location.


That’s how I’d handle the question about the Fantasyland Expansion. And we all know Disney faithfully reads everything Dad publishes and follows his suggestions like they came from Uncle Walt himself.


Oh, yeah. About your trip in late 2011. Yes, it would be a shame. But Disney really tries to have the major rides open during the holiday season. I also don’t expect to see anything else closing in 2011 because most of the area that is being refurbished is already closed. I would expect the Teacups to close sometime, probably in early 2012.


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