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Questions about the Disney Dining Plan and FastPass


by Jen


Hi Dad,


We are heading to Disney World for the first time October 31st and received the free quick service dining plan. I have a couple of questions about the Disney Dining Plan and FastPass.


I have been looking at some of the meals and was wondering if it’s possible to get the kids an adult meal to split rather than the standard kids dinners that it appears the counter-service venues offer.


Secondly, one of our kids will not be able to ride many of the attractions due to height restrictions, so I was wondering if we can use her and my fast passes to obtain fast pass tickets at some of the other attractions for my other child and husband if they already have fast passes on a different attraction (Ie, are fast passes transferable).




Big Thunder Mountain Railroad needs a Fastpass

You need a FastPass to ride this one Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s you’re not gonna like my Answer




Thanks for a great question. These are some of the common sense things at Disney World that aren’t always well explained.


First about kids eating adult meals on the Dining Plan. The answer is …


No they can’t. The Disney Dining Plan is pretty cut and dried. Adults are adults and children are children (pretty profound if I do say so myself) and adults order off the adult menu and children order off of the children’s menu. Simple.

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This is another reason I’m not a big fan of the dining plan. Your children might like to experience something other than the standard burger/chicken strips/goo that Disney has on their very limited children’s menus. But because you are on the Disney Dining Plan, your choices are limited.


Sorry! On to the FastPass question.


FastPasses don’t care who uses them. They don’t have names on them and aren’t tied to any ticket. Our standard Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster/Tower of Terror plan includes getting FastPasses at Tower of Terror then riding Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. It’s not unusual for us to come back to Tower of Terror and find the lines short enough to not use the FastPass. When we are through we routinely give our FastPasses to another family who is getting ready to get in line. It’s a really cool way to make some new friends.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Jen, I hope you have a great trip. Sorry about the Dining Plan thing but rules are rules. You can share FastPasses with anyone.


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Comments for

Jul 04, 2012 adult vs. child
by: Anonymous The last time we were there they only differentiated between adults and children for table service meals. Quick service meals are all lumped together and as long as an adult goes up to order you can get adult meals as they do not separate the quick service credits.

Oct 21, 2011 Dining Plan and Fast Pass
by: Ellen One thing to mention, the dining plan for a family/people in the same room is linked and Disney keeps a record of the total meals used, not a per person record. (I think this may be what the previous poster was referring to.)

At the quick dining places we have ordered three adult meals, even though we had only two adults on the plan. However, Disney did take three adult meals off our plan. (Say initially mom & dad have two meals each — four adult meals — and the kid has two kids meals. If you buy three adult meals, then you will have only one adult meal left and still two kids meals) If the meal plan is free, it may be worth it to do this once or twice if your kids want to try something else and then pay once your meals run out. Or when you’ve run out of adult meals, you can get several kids meals for dinner one night; the chicken & fries can be very filling.

I did it at quick service on my trip two years ago. My daughter wasn’t t standing with me when I paid, so I don’t know if having a child with you would put the cashier on alert. (You could always pay for two and then go to another cashier to pay for the third.)

Oct 17, 2011 Dining counter service
by: Anonymous Hello, Dad. I’m a great fan of yours. But I did read on another site that the dining plan doesn’t distinguish that it is a child. They said an Adult can go up and get the meal.

Dad’s Answer

I’m not sure where that other site got their information but all of the information from Disney expressly states that children 3-9 must order from the child’s menu.

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