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Quick editorial question


by Ryan Rivera
(Los Angeles, CA 90025)




My name is Ryan Rivera and I have been reading your website for a while now. Yesterday, I came across this article – /healthy-habits-saturday-deal-with-stress/ and it really caught my attention because it is related to my area of expertise.


My area is helping folks with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and related issues (7+ years in the field). So it got me wondering – perhaps you’d be interested in an expanded guest article on the same, or a similar topic? I think I could provide some additional tips. Or perhaps I could cover a new topic altogether? I would be glad to contribute.


My work has been featured in local radio and TV shows, so I’m sure I can craft something that will work for you and your website. You can always turn it down – no issues. It’d be exclusive to you, around 650 words, but I can make it longer or shorter if you wish. I will also share the story with my 900+ subscribers once published.


Please let me know if you would be interested.


Kind regards,
Ryan Rivera


P.S. I can also send you some links to previously published articles – just let me know if you’d like to see them first.

Dad’s Answer




Yes, absolutely I’m quite interested in articles. I would publish them in a heartbeat. I just need some way to get in touch with you. Send me an email at and we’ll get started.


I’m going to delete this as soon as I hear from you.

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