Quick Service Dining Plan Question

Quick Service Dining Plan Question

by brenda

Hi Dad,

this may be quite silly question..but I cannot get an answer and need to you ask you, Dad...

It's about the Quick Service Dining Plan. I'm traveling with two groups, one group will be booked with quick service dining and other group will be booked without the dining.

In this case, can they gather together in same restaurant and sit together while one group will be order with the dining plan and other group will pay on their own??

The Electric Umbrella is on the Quick Service Dining Plan

The Electric Umbrella is part of the Quick Service Dining Plan
Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad's it don't matter Answer


I can hear David Gates singing in my head.

It don't matter to me ...

Now I'm sure your thinking, other than the obvious reference to Bread (the group David Gates sang for) what on earth does that song have to do with the Quick Service Dining Plan? It doesn't matter who you sit with at any of the Disney World Quick Service Restaurants.

Download the song from iTunes ...
It Don't Matter to Me - The Best of Bread

For example, if you were to go to Epcot and dine at the Electric Umbrella, you would go through the line, get your food, pay for your food, then try to find a table. It don't (I know Mrs. Mom this grammar is horrible but it works with the song) matter who you sit with.

Even at the Table Service restaurants, you could sit with someone not using the Disney Dining Plan, you'd just have to have separate checks. The only restriction to the Disney Dining Plan is everyone listed in a room has to be on the Dining Plan and on the same plan.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Brenda, the Quick Service Dining Plan is very, very flexible. Who you travel with makes no difference. At all of the quick service restaurants, you pay at a counter then pick a seat. Who you sit with doesn't matter.

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