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Quick Service Meals at Old Key West


When staying at Old Key West where do you get counter service meals?



The Old Key West Resort at night

The Old Key West Resort Photo by Tom Bricker Check out his Disneyland photo ebook

Dad’s Goods To Go Answer


This is an easy one. Disney’s Old Key West Resort may have some of the biggest rooms on property, but it doesn’t exactly have the longest list of dining establishments. In fact, there are only three: a table service location, a quick service location, and a poolside snack bar that’s open seasonally.


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At the center of the resort, there is a hospitality center, which has Magical Express drop off, gift shops, Olivia’s Café (the table service option at Old Key West, which really isn’t too fancy, should be able to serve you quickly and without breaking the bank), and the counter service location called Goods to Go.


Goods to Go has a lot in common with quick service locations at most of the resorts on Walt Disney World property. All day long you can find pre-prepared items like pastries, fruit, veggies, and sundries like soda, chips, and candy. You can buy refillable resort mugs and use them for fountain beverages throughout your stay, and they also have freshly prepared items that change from breakfast to lunch and dinner.


In the morning, expect to find cereal, bagels, croissant sandwiches, breakfast platters with eggs and bacon, toast, and oatmeal. Later in the day you can pick up cold sandwiches and wraps, and the hot counter offers burgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, soup, and fries. You can also pick up cake, crisp rice treats, ice cream, and popsicles for dessert.


Old Key West is pretty big, and you might not want to schlep all the way over to the hospitality center when you’re enjoying an afternoon by the pool. That’s where the Turtle Shack comes in. Serving nachos, chips, hot dogs, pizza, sandwiches, fruit, ice cream, soda, and alcoholic beverages, this secondary quick service location is open during peak season when the resort is at its highest capacity.


There is one last hidden option for a quick bite if this is your home resort. Disney’s Old Key West Resort is the original Disney Vacation Club property, and as such it’s a home away from home for many families. If you’re staying in a 1-bedroom Villa, 2-bedroom Villa, or Grand Villa, you’ll have your very own kitchenette! If you stock up on groceries, you can whip up your favorite quick bites in no time.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


If it’s a quick bit you’re after at the Old Key West, head for Goods to Go and you’ll be, well, good to go!


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