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Rain at Disney World


by Christina R

Hi again Dad,


Just adding to your pile of questions to be answered. No rest for the weary, you know. As a Dad, you should be well versed with that.


I work for Six Flags Great Adventure (yeah, I know, working for the Rabbit so I can pay off a trip to visit the Mouse, but my manager worked at Disney for 6 years and I think anyone who works at SF just secretly wishes they were working for Disney instead) and NJ’s weather is always unpredictable in the summer. Most times it’s just hot and humid, but it can rain and when it rains it pours, sometimes for the entire day.


This can shut down a lot of the big title rides like Kingda Ka, El Toro and Nitro, rides that people come from all over the globe to check out. I know the guests get really disappointed, especially if this is their only day at SFGA. I would be upset too. Then again, almost all of SFGA’s rides are outdoors, mostly because they’re huge.


I always appreciate that Disney’s rides are mostly indoors so you can escape the heat (Uncle Walt was just so clever in every way) and escape the rain. But for some of the rides, like Expedition Everest, which I’ve never been on and am really looking forward to, seem like they might halt to at the sight of rain. I know Florida rain doesn’t last as long, but just curious. My step-dad jokes that “value season” is a really nice way to put “hurricane season” in Disney terms.


Looking forward to your sagely advice,
Christina R.

Dad’s B. J. Thomas Answer


“Rain drops keep fallin’ on my head” (Dad’s singing again. Isn’t he something?)




Yes, Walt Disney World is located in Central Florida not southern California and it does rain frequently on the happiest place on earth. In fact we had one vacation (in December) when it rained 3 straight days. Not that quick shower and everything is fine type rain that Florida usually gets, but the soak to the bone, never get dry type of rain. It was kinda miserable.


The odds that Disney World rides will be closed for rain are pretty remote. Like you said, most of them are inside. Here are a list of the rides that will close during rain showers.


Magic Kingdom


Disney Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom probably gets hit the hardest during the rain. It’s mostly outside and only a few rides would be sheltered. Yes, Expedition Everest, would be closed. Trust me, you don’t want rain pelting you when you’re going 50 miles per hour. It hurts.

What to do during the rain


Don’t worry too much, unless one of those Value Season storms hits Orlando, the rain won’t last long. It usually rains for about 30 minutes and in the immortal words of the famous song “out came the sun and dried up all the rain” and you can keep going along smartly on you plan (I hung out with a guy from the UK all last week.)


The really good thing about rain at Disney World is that is sometimes drives the crowds to go home. After it rains, typically, you’ll see smaller crowds in the park. (Not that the September crowds will be all that big.)


Dad’s Bottom Line


is a fact of life all year round. Like you said, Uncle Walt was a genius when he put most of his rides indoors (it helps with the heat too). Don’t worry too much, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Just go, get wet, play a bit in the rain, buy some ponchos, and have a great time. When the sun comes up everything will be absolutely beautiful. You’ll see.


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