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Random Acts of Kindness

by Dad
(The Office)

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This is going to be a little different blog post from Dad. This week’s topic is .

I love the idea of giving happiness at the Most Magical Place on Earth. One of the things I’m most disappointed about with the new FastPass+ and Magic Bands is that you can’t pass on Fastpasses. That was so fun.

I thought it would be fun to see what you do for . So, down below in the comments click on “” and let us know about your .

This is going to be fun.

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Jul 11, 2016 The Little Princess
by: Sarah

I am a HUGE Disney fan! We went to celebrate my 16th birthday and I was the last one in line to see Mulan. Just as I was about to see her an adorable little girl about 3 ran up in her princess dress all excited to see Mulan. Mulan’s guard person told her that Mulan was going to eat lunch and that she could come back later. The little girl was clearly heart broken so I told Mulan that she needed to see the little girl instead of me. The little girl got a huge smile on her face and hugged Mulan. The mom pulled me aside and thanked me telling me Mulan was he daughter’s FAVORITE princess and how she wouldn’t have been able to come back, I think It was their last day. I watched the girl with Mulan and when sj=he was done the little girl ran from mulan to me and gave me a huge huge hug!n It made my day. I don’t think that little girl knows how happy she made me.

Jul 09, 2016 Pin trading
by: Sydni

We were waiting for the ferry from Hollywood studios to take us back to the beach club when my daughter was leaning over the railing and lost a bunny pin from her lanyard. Later that day we were at EPCOT and came across the same pun she had list on a cast member. My daughter was so excited and went to trade and I mentioned how she lost the same pun that morning and loves bunnies. The cast member said well we can’t have that and just gave her the pin. Which was so nice bc it was her first trip and we are new to pin trading. Made her night!

Jul 09, 2016 From Brazil to Radiator Springs
by: Lenka

Who doesn’t love making new friends at Disney? One day we had a “special” Fast pass good for up to 6 people. That day there were only 3 of us, me and my daughters. We watched people at the beginning of the Radiator springs line and found a grandmother and her grandson talking and looking back at the 4 hour wait time.Perfect!!!! As it turned out they were visiting from Brazil. This was a once in a lifetime tour of the US to celebrate her grandson’s graduation. She didn’t speak a word of English but the 20 minute wait was one of the best conversations of my life. I realized they were on a very tight budget so at the end I purchased the digital ride photo and emailed it to them. I am blessed with a smile every time I think of them.

Jul 08, 2016 Chef Mickeys Act of Kindness
by: Tina

During our last stay, we were having breakfast at Chef Mickeys on my husbands Birthday and the very kind people at the table next to us picked up our breakfast tab! It was so extremely generous of them and it made our day!

Jul 08, 2016 Pin Magic
by: Frankie

I traded pins with a little boy while waiting for my husband one day. He was excited by the pin he chose and I really liked the one he was willing to trade with me. (It was cast Piglet silhouette and he did not love it, ha) Suddenly his little sister started to scream. She was young to trade but wanted to do all her brother did. She was dressed in Elsa dress and shoes. Her mother calmed hr down and I asked if she saw a pin she would like on my lanyard. Her mother told her it was alright and she pointed to a Frozen pin I had gotten to trade. I was going to just give it to her but a confab with mother and brother made her willing to give up one. Actually it was a Donald which I did not have and my husband collects. She cried she was so happy, asked to hug me and they took my picture. It was a magical moment for all of us!!!

Jul 08, 2016 Act of kindness from Mickey
by: Shelli

Back in March we were at the Magic Kingdom and took a small break and sat on a bench. We had been walking all day and took a couple of minutes to rest. We sat there people watching and even Tiana walked by with her prince. As the four of us sat there (myself, Husband and two girls ages 9 and 17) a cast member walked up with a funnel cake and said Mickey wanted you to have this. Well my 9 year old thought this was the best thing ever. How did he pick us to have this special treat? This was our childrens first trip to Disney World and it made it a little more special. The best part of our trip for Bailee our 9 year old was meeting Mickey. Can’t wait to go back someday!

Jul 08, 2016 Paying it forward
by: Leah

My family won four 1-day park hopper passes in a raffle. We were visiting relatives at Christmas who live an hour from Disney so decided to go December 30th. We are Disney veterans so proceeded to get our ADR & fastpasses and reservations at All-Star Movies. We got up super early and drove to Disney. We stopped at the resort, got our parking pass & did pre-check in. Magic Kingdom went smoothly even though it was packed! Went to room for some down time then headed to Hollywood Studios to eat at 50’s Prime Time & see the lights. As soon as we walked in, I checked wait times and commented to my daughter how long they were. Just then, a man walked up to me with 12 fastpasses and said, “We are leaving tomorrow and can’t use these. Happy New Year!” We were able to walk right into the fastpass line for Toy Story & Star Tours. That random act of kindness made our trip!

Jul 08, 2016 Pizza Planet Pixie Dust
by: Sarah

We had lots of dining credits left at the end of our trip, so we spend our last couple of days using them to pay for other people’s food. That gave me one of my favourite memory of our whole trip.

On our last full day we went to DHS, and went to Pizza Planet for lunch. In the queue I spotted a Mum and Dad with their kids, trying to decide what to have to eat, and went over to offer to get their lunches for them. They were so surprised! While we queued I chatted with Charles and his family (I’m sorry if you see this, I can’t remember all of your names!) from North Carolina. It turned out they were only really visiting Florida for their favourite Aunt’s funeral, and had called in at WDW for the day on the way home for a bit of pixie dust to try and cheer them up a bit. We had a couple of tears and hugs and went on our way. We bumped into them later on in the day and got to meet the rest of their family too, they were lovely people and it was a real pleasure to do something nice for them, especially at such an awful time for their family.

If you’re out there, Charles and family from NC, I still think often of our chance meeting and I’m sure you’re right and your Aunt was looking down and giving me a gentle prod in your direction that day!

Jul 08, 2016 Random Act From Mickey Himself
by: Anonymous

We too have provided others with fastpasses and dining credits. Perhaps the best random act of kindness happened to us! It was a hot, sticky, overcrowded day in Magic Kingdom and we were waiting for the parade to start and then the rain started. The parade was delayed. While we waited, we stood in line to get an ice cream for our son. When we proceeded to pay, the cast member said, ‘Mickey would love for you to have this ice cream for free. He is very sorry it rained and you have to wait for the parade.’ We were astounded. My son wondered how Mickey could have known HE was there buying that ice cream! Now almost a teenager, he still talks about that day.

Jul 07, 2016 Stroller
by: Anonymous

We purchased an inexpensive stroller via Amazon and had it shipped to meet us at Disney World with free shipping using Prime. From all that we had read we anticipated our 4 year old would use it the whole time and we never opened the box – he wa s a trooper! We took it to the front desk of our hotel and asked them to find a family who looked like would get good use out of it and to please give it to them.

Jul 01, 2016 Birthday Pin
by: Shendl

In Sept 2013, one night we were travelling back to Port Orleans Riverside from EPCOT, I think and the bus was quite full so we were standing near the front and a little boy with his Mom and Dad got on and stood next to us.

He was looking at my Trading Pins and wanted to trade. He had received his lanyard for his birthday that day. I showed him which pins he could choose from and when he had picked and was going to give me one of his. I said that he could have that pin I gave him as a Birthday gift and that he could keep all his other pins.

He was so happy. It made my day to have spread a little magic to another person!!

Jul 01, 2016 Rider Switch
by: Anonymous

This is kind of an act of kindness on two sides. On our last trip me and my family (10 of us in total) were spending a day at Hollywood Studios. We had gone to Rock & Rollercoaster with FP+ but we’re close to our expire time so my family for myself and my fiancée Rider Swap passes whilst we stayed with our child and waited near the exit for them to get off the ride.

Once they got off a cast member saw us with our child as we were about to go join the FP queue and she guided us ‘backstage’ to join the front of the queue. We thanked the cast member and enjoyed our ride. Upon leaving the Rock & Rollercoaster area we saw a couple on their honeymoon who we gave our rider swap passes to and wished them all the best.

We later saw the couple when getting some food who thanked us for our kindness on their honeymoon and said the fast passes were very much appreciated as they were going to wait in a 90min queue otherwise.

Jun 30, 2016 water on a hot day
by: Anonymous

We try to carry bottled water with us to keep hydration to a minimum when at the parks (we take advantage of the free cups of water, too). On the last day, we had bottles left so when we checked our bags we left water for the cast members checking in our baggage (for flight) at Port Orleans. It was a HOT day and the cast members was very appreciative.

Jun 30, 2016 Dinner credits
by: Anonymous

My wife and I went to Disney last year for the first time, we had the Deluxe Dinning plan and on our last day we were having lunch before we left in EPCOT. I had some dining credits left so I looked to the couple next to us and bought them lunch. We were at le Celler.

Jun 29, 2016 Night shows
by: Anonymous

We love bringing extra glow items for the nighttime shows so my daughters can pass them out to any kids close to us. They love making the little ones smile and it is a great way to interact with other families. Our last trip we passed out over 30 items.

Jun 29, 2016 pin
by: Anonymous

had a pin lanyard on. a lady asked where i got a pin that was of her favorite character. i gave it to her

Jun 29, 2016 Random acts of kindness
by: Reese

On our last trip we brought a bunch of Candy that you can only get in Canada as well as Canada pins and keychains and handed them out to new people that we met. We also always brought glow sticks to give the children beside us while waiting for the parades, Fantasmic etc.

Jun 29, 2016 Pins!
by: Frankie

I love pin trading, have my favorites which I do not trade after I get them. I order some just for trading. Often smaller children do not want to trade what they have. I just give them a pin they like. Smiles well worth it!

Jun 29, 2016 for Cast members
by: Frankie

I made some little cards, size of business cards before we left home. Got one to copy on line. It said thanks from us, with names, celebrating our 51 anniversary. Cast members who were particularly helpful got one. Every one of them was extremely grateful. Fun!!

Jun 29, 2016 Family Photos and more!
by: Beach

Daily we as a family strive to remember to think about others around us and this includes being at WDW! I love watching families enjoy themselves and enjoy it even more if we can help make someone’s day a little more magical!

By letting them go ahead of us!
Giving our fast passes to them!
Handing off our amusement game tokens!
Noticing a little princess or prince, making them feel special!
Offering to take the family’s photo so they can all be in the photo!
Just being aware of others makes the day so much more worthwhile, Magical you might say! We have been there done that and many times it’s someone’s first time, they are overwhelmed, tired and it may have took years to save up for the trip! 😉

There is Magic in You so share it!

Jun 29, 2016 at WDW
by: Anonymous

It was nothing really, not even an act of kindness, but the family of the little girl appreciated it. We were waiting in line to meet Hiro and Baymax. The queue itself wasn’t long, but it was taking “forever” because Baymax kept glitching and had to recharge.

The girl ahead of us was obviously bored and getting more restless. We always carry distractions in the form of electronic devices only taken out when queues run a little too slow or long. We popped out our devices and our two youngest daughters (4 & 2 at the time) sat down with a good Disney movie. They both left a space for the little girl to sit and watch with them. Eventually they all stopped watching the movie and started making toddler conversation.

The little girl and our daughters learned something we always try to do…make friends in line to make time pass. We’re from Iowa, and had a blast learning a few things about New York, Brazil, England, and Argentina on our last visit to WDW, just to name a few.

Jun 29, 2016 Random words of kindness from cast member
by: Anonymous

A few years ago, we were in EPCOT, and we took a break for a quick service lunch. It was hot, the food court was crowded, and my family was tired, hungry and grumpy.

We were going through the check out line and my daughter decided she wanted to run back and get something else. My husband (who is a very gentle man, and rarely gets his feathers ruffled) lost his temper and smarted off, then turned and walked away in a huff. I opened my mouth to snap back at him and started to follow him, but the sweet cast member at check out put her hand on my arm and said, “Honey, let him go. It’s hot, he’s cranky.

Get some food in him and he’ll be fine. This is Disney, Let it Go. Eat lunch, and enjoy your day”. So that’s what we did, and everyone was back to their normal happy selves after lunch. It wasn’t so much a random act of kindness, but the cast member’s words and perspective were just perfect and needed at the right moment. 🙂

Jun 29, 2016 Pennies from Heaven
by: Kat

In honor of my late Mother, who loved Disney and making pressed pennies with my daughter, we fill a few of those Mini M&M containers with quarters and pennies (as she used to) and pass them out to families we see at the machines collecting there own. Makes us feel so good to spread some pixie dust for Mom. 🙂

Jun 28, 2016 Fast pass
by: April B

We were in line for Tower of Terror, and the ride broke down, so we were given paper fast passes to return anytime. We weren’t able to make it back, so we gave our fast passes to a random family so they could enjoy them!

Jun 28, 2016 Sorcerer Cards
by: Anonymous

I haven’t done this yet but on my next trip in a few weeks I plan on giving away some Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards. My kids have accumulated a lot of extras and I want them to participate in paying it forward to others. It’s a small thing but I hope we can bring magic to some other kids!

Jun 28, 2016 .
by: Anonymous

I love giving away snack credits and quick service meals at the end of our trips. And I always pack little toys for my kids while waiting in line and we always pack extras to give away. Little things like bubbles and little party favors.

Jun 28, 2016 Strollers
by: DS

This wasn’t me, but I saw it as I left EPCOT one day. A family had clearly bought a stroller at Disney World (the one they sell in the resort shops) and had abandoned it near the bus loop with a sign that said something like “FREE STROLLER – Enjoy during your vacation, then pass it on!” I thought that was really cool.

Jun 28, 2016 Pennies
by: Steph

I always keep a pouch of shiny pennies in my park bag to hand out to kids waiting in line for penny press machines – or even to throw in the wishing well by the castle!

Jun 28, 2016 Extra DDP Credits
by: Anonymous

At the end of our last trip, we had some quick service credits left and were eating lunch at Everything Pop before heading to the airport. Instead of losing credits or buying lots of snacks for the plane, we passed it on by paying for the family behind us!

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