Refillable mugs in the parks

Refillable mugs in the parks

by Angie
(North Carolina)

Hi Dad! I have a couple of questions for you. #1-When we were in Seaworld last summer, we could buy refillable mugs that we could use in each park and refill for only $2. I know the resorts have something like this, but do the parks? #2-We are going Aug. 14-19th. Are you going to be at the World during this time? Maybe we could get the fams together for dinner. We feel like we know you!

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Wow, there's no higher praise for me than you feeling like you know me. Thank you. Unfortunately, until I retire from my current cushy government job, I don't get to Orlando very often. I'll be there in April for only 1 night, and the Princess will be there in September for her honeymoon, but alas, I've got to stay home this year and try to pay for a wedding.

About those refillable mugs for the parks, again, no, Disney doesn't have refillable mugs for the parks. They make too much money on $50.00 per pop drinks. (OK, maybe it's only $2.50, but it seems like a lot especially when you drink 6 or so a day, like Dad.) Although I did read something about refillable mugs coming to the parks. I think Disney was polling it at the parks this year. Maybe some day?

We love the refillable mugs at the resorts. We definitely get our moneys worth on those. We have a whole set in our cabinets both for the Polynesian Resort and the Pop Century. We use them whenever we have company. (Not really, chill out Mrs. Mom, they know I'm just kidding.)

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Maybe some Dad I'll host a big Dad's Guide Party at Disney World and everyone can come. Better yet, let's all go on a Disney Cruise together. I'll get right on that.

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Feb 26, 2011
by: Vickie

We bought the refillable mugs at the Polynesian, and every morning we'd do a quick fill-up so we had a full mug going into the parks, and then we used them throughout the day...filling them with water from the fountains.

It doesn't help much if you're a pop junkie like me, but at least you could get some water along the way :)

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