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Refridgerator problems at Disney World

by Opa
(Chicago, IL)

Hey Dad! Love your website and blog! Really looking forward to the WDW Magazine to be released! Have you heard any updates on the fridge situation at the resorts? We’re staying at POR Nov. 10th – 17th and last I heard that only 40% of the rooms had working fridges (as of 9/4/13).

Any info would be much appreciated! Keep up the great work!

Port Orleans Water Wheel

The Water Wheel at Port Orleans – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Dad’s relax, they are all done Answer


Thanks for the note. Let’s just blurt it out (I know, it’s not my way), all the refrigerators have been replaced. You don’t need to worry. You’ll be fine.

The Port Orleans was finished sometime in September so you should be golden for a great time during CHRISTMAS at Disney World. Oh, boy is that fun.


It appears that the refrigerator problem has NOT been solved at the Port Orleans. I’ve gotten several reports today that over the last few weeks that there aren’t any refrigerators in the rooms. You can ask for one, but they are reserved for medical needs first.

I can’t give you any idea when the problem will be resolved. There aren’t any rumors out there about when the problem will be fixed.

*****OK back to Dad’s rant.

There is no better time to be at WDW than at Christmas time. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. The decorations, the music, the shows, just everything. It’s just the perfect vacation.

Dads’s Christmas at Disney World page

OK, since you mentioned it, I’ll take just a second to plug WDW Magazine. The first issue is now out and are flying off the shelves. The reviews are incredible. (You can see a few over at WDW Magazine Facebook page.) I’m working on issue 2 right now, which will come out the end of October, and issue 3, the Christmas issue, will be out the day after Thanksgiving.

Check out the first three covers.

Covers for WDW Magazine

Go grab you a years subscription. You won’t be sorry. (Subscribe Here)

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Opa, you’re trip will be amazing with or without a refrigerator. Be sure to come back with lots of pictures. Have a great trip.

Comments for

Oct 16, 2013 Still No Fridge at Movies
by: KennyT

We stayed at Allstar Movies Oct. 11 and 12. Still no fridge in the room. Staying at the Dolphin over Thanksgiving. Hope they have been replaced by then.

Dad answers

The Dolphin is not a Disney hotel and isn’t part of the recall (as far as I know).

Oct 13, 2013 Stayed at POR & had a fridge
by: Lucy in TX

Hi, we stayed at POR in mid September and we’re able to get a fridge. We traveled with family and two other rooms that requested a fridge also had units in their rooms, although they were “standalone” units. We requested in advance and then once we arrived asked again at check in. We did niot have medical needs, but possibly the fact that we had small children helped?

Oct 11, 2013 No Fridge at Movies
by: NJDisDad

I was at All-Star Movies last weekend and there was no fridge.

Oct 10, 2013 refrigators
by: Crystal

I was just at Pop Century Sep.21-29, and i called about a week before we left and we had one in our room when we got there. I know a lot of people were complaining about that when we were down there. But if you just call them and tell them you need for medication they will have one for you. My daughter had medication too that needed to be refrigerated too. Have fun!

Oct 10, 2013 No Fridge 09/25-10/2

We were there 09/25 through 10/2 and had no fridge.
Even had our DVP request one for us.
No luck.

Oct 10, 2013 Fridge
by: Anonymous

We were at Riverside Sept 20-29 and had NO fridge in our room. We tried. We were told it would be fine by the time we got there, but none in the room. We called and asked for one and were told there were NONE. So, I hope by Nov/Dec they are back in the rooms.

Oct 10, 2013 Thanks Dad!
by: Catherine

Thanks Dad! I can always count on you for accurate information. I will check back later.

Oct 10, 2013 Are All the Resorts Finished with Refridgerator Replacement?
by: Catherine

Hi Dad,
Are all the Resorts finished, or were you only referring to POR? Hubby & I will be staying at Pop 12/14 – 12/21 with our daughter. We have medication that requires refridgeration and will be staying in a room with a roll in shower. Have the refrigerators in the accessible rooms been replaced yet? Can’t wait for December! The countdown widget on my phone makes me happy!
Thanks for the info!

Dad’s I’m not sure Answer


I’m doing some more research on this refrigerator problem. I’ve read that it’s fixed, but I’m getting first hand reports that there are some issues. I’ll get back to everyone later today with an update.

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