Refurbishments at Disney World

Refurbishments at Disney World

Hi Dad!!!

I´m from "some South American country" you mentioned in one of your posts! ha ha ha

You website is great, I´m writing down a bunch of tips!

My plan is to go to Walt Disney World from November 15 - November 29.

I realize Thanksgiving will be in November 24 this year, so I´m planning to go to the parks in the first week of my trip to avoid long lines. For the other days I have some other plans...

Well, my question is about the refurbishment period. Some people say November is a month they close some attractions to do maintenance in order to be ready for the end of the year rush.

I hope my question is not silly, but I want to avoid getting there and see my favorite attractions closed.

What is you comment about that?!

(I´m hoping there aren´t many English mistakes in my text!)

Thank you!! :)

Dad's not a silly question at all Answer

Your English is quite good and a lot better than my Portuguese would be. Your question is a good one.

Refurbishments happen at Disney World all the time. Yes, there are some times of the year when Disney does maintenance to get ready for the holidays. Will this affect your trip?

I don't think so. Disney usually tries to wrap up it's major projects early in November to have everything available for the holidays. The week before Thanksgiving, all of the attractions should be up and running (except for those that are closed due to the Fantasyland upgrade.)

All of the "big" attractions should be open by the time you get there.

Dad's Bottom Line

I'm glad you enjoy the site. Your trip should be fine as long as you don't get behind any of those pesky groups from that unnamed South American country.

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