Refurbishments – do they ever open early?

by Jenny McQueen
(Eagle River, AK, USA)

I noticed that a couple of rides that are important to us will be closed for refurbishment while we are at Disney World in February. I was wondering do rides ever open a few days early? Or should I not get my hopes up? We will be there from Feb 2 – Feb 12 and Disney Junior Live on Stage and the Mad Tea Party are supposed to be closed until the 14th (DJLOS) and 18th (MTP).

The Mad Tea Party Spins

The Mad Tea Party spinning around

Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s we’re so sorry Answer


The Mad Tea Party? Who likes the Mad Tea Party? That thing makes me sick. Literally sick. I can’t even watch the family ride that sick ride. Be glad it’s going to be closed.

Yes, I’m kidding (at least about no one liking the Mad Tea Party).

The answer to your question brings a song from my childhood to mind. I loved listening to the radio growing up and one of my favorite songs was, We’re so Sorry, Uncle Albert. I don’t know why but that what comes to mind whenever I think about your question.

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The sad news is Disney typically goes right up to the last day when they do refurbishments. OK, maybe that’s a bit strong. Sometimes they do open early, but it’s a bit unusual on a normal refurb. If it was a new ride, or a really long refurbishment then yes, they might open early, but on a shorter normal, not real likely.

February is a great time to visit Disney World, but it has some drawbacks and the biggest is the refurbishments. They have to be done sometime. (When we were there Mickey’s Philharmagic was really in need of a major overhaul.)

It all boils down to a little luck. You might get lucky and one will be open while you’re there. You might not.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Jenny, good luck. I hope Disney pulls of a double miracle and both attractions open early.

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