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Remembering Off Kilter

There are so many long-standing shows at WDW that we often take for granted that they’ll be around forever.  This weekend, EPCOT closed down several of it’s long-standing World Showcase acts, and I’m sad to say that Off Kilter was one of them.

Rocking the Guitar Solo in Off Kilter - Photo by Jamie Strickland

Rocking the Guitar Solo in Off Kilter – Photo by Jamie Strickland

As a frequent visitor, I often don’t make a point to see every performance on every visit.  So when I travelled to WDW a few months ago I didn’t think anything of skipping one of my favorite bands.  But now I’ll never see the high energy antics of the kilt-wearing, maple-leaf adorned, Canadian celtic rock band again!

Maybe the news has hit me harder than others because of my Canadian roots, but I feel really sad about this EPCOT tradition being removed from the park!  They’ve been performing at The Mill Stage in EPCOT’s Canada pavilion since 1997 – using drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, and bagpipes to play their unique brand of original songs and Canadian pop rock covers.

Off Kilter - Photo by Jamie Strickland

Off Kilter – Photo by Jamie Strickland

Ironically, only one of the five band members was actually Canadian – the others were Irish and American.  And speaking as a Canadian, I can’t say that the music was “authentic” for my homeland but it certainly captured the spirit, enthusiasm, and tapestry of sounds that are undoubtedly of the Canuck disposition.

Their final performance this weekend was attended by hundreds of fans.

If, like me, you’re sad to see them go, Off-Kilter has released 5 albums over the years, so get your hands on them and you can re-live the magic at home!

Did you have the chance to see Off Kilter?  Will you miss their show at EPCOT?  Are there other long-gone acts you’d love to see just one more time?

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