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Renting a camper for Ft Wilderness Campground

by Richard Holybee
(Burleson, Tx)


“Do you know of any companies that rent campers to stay at Fort Wilderness Campground? I have eight people in my party and we want to try something different, instead of getting two rooms.”


Dad’s Answer


Richard, that’s a really good question. Camping is not something that Mrs. Mom and I do. Mrs. Mom likes to say, “Her idea of camping is the ice machine is broken at the hotel.” Bugs, dirt, sleeping outside, just not our thing.


The sign at the entrance to Fort Wilderness Campground

Welcome to Fort Wilderness Campground – Photo by Andy Sanchez


Really, I know, some people do. Mrs. Mom’s sisters, their families, they go camping all the time. It’s just not what we like to do. We prefer staying in some of the hotels, just the way we are.


That being said, yes, there are places that will rent campers. In fact, there are some companies that specifically are set up to rent campers and have them delivered to Fort Wilderness. Where you make the reservations, you tell them your Disney reservation number, they have your camper set up and ready for you when you arrive. It’s a pretty cool little program.


A couple that I found were Meacham’s RV’s and Greenberg Rent A Camper, they seem to have programs set up where you can rent them from those people and have them ready for you as you arrive.


The prices aren’t terrible. They’ve even got where you can add a golf cart, and have the golf cart ready for you at your campground. It sounds like a pretty neat little deal. You might check those out. Look at the websites and compare.


Another thing I would highly recommend that you do, is don’t worry about renting those. Turn that over to our partners over at Destinations to Travel.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


You’re going to have to get tickets, and maybe a dining plan, and you’re going to have a reservation. Let Destinations to Travel take care of all of that. They can take care of that all for you, they can help you make your dining reservations, your FastPass+ reservations, your itinerary planning. They can help you take care of all of that.



Instead of you doing all the work, turn it over to them. They do a great job, they take great care of you. If they don’t, let me know and I’ll make sure they do. We have a great relationship, I talk to them all the time.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Please go to Destinations to Travel, let them help you plan your trip. It really will help you in the long run.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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