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Renting a Car while at Walt Disney World



“Can we rent a car once we have arrived at our resort in Disney World? What I mean, can we decide once we are at the hotel that we would like a car for a few days and then could they arrange for us to rent one?”


The Car Care Center at Walt Disney World

Just go to the Car Care Center – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Well, that’s an easy one. Yeah, you can, absolutely. There’s several ways you can do it. The easiest way is Disney has their Car Care Center, which is just south of the Magic Kingdom. the Disney Car Care Center, will help you if you have problems with your car.


Also in the Car Care Center there are two rental agencies, Alamo and National. Both have rental cars available. You can make arrangements with them, they will come to your hotel and pick you up, take you to the Car Care Center where you can rent the car.


You bring it back to the rental car center or you take it back to the airport, however you set it up.


You can pick them up there, you can take them back there, and they’ll transport you back and forth to your hotel. It’s just that Simple.


Disney’s Car Care Center Information


It’s easy to do, and I like that idea. I love having a car at Disney World. One of my favorite pages that I ever worked on was the Car At Disney World page.


Dad’s Car at Disney World page



Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line, Disney makes it easy. All you have to do is get in touch with the Car Care Center or National or Alamo. You can do it directly with National and Alamo and set it to pick it up at the Disney Car Care Center.


There are a couple of other rental locations around Walt Disney World, especially over in the Disney Springs area. But the Car Care Center is probably the easiest.


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disney world parks


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



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Jun 01, 2017 Car rentals at WDW
by: Anonymous We’ve used both the car rental as well as the car care center and we’re very pleased with the service.

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