Renting Points at Disney Vacation Club Resort

Renting Points at Disney Vacation Club Resort

by Julie
(Dallas, TX)

Dear Dad,
I do love your page. Thank you for telling everyone that Christmas is a magical time at Disney World!!!! I was wondering if you would suggest renting Disney Vacation Club members' points. I am considering it for a short stay in October and it looks like a very good deal. However, I don't want it to be one of those "too good to be true" type things. I know you don't like the Dining Plan but we also want one of those and our tickets. Can I still do the trip I like piecemealing it together like this?

Thanks, Dad!!!


Dad's risky business Answer


Renting points from Disney Vacation Club members can be risky business. (Just don't rent from anyone named Joel.) There is a bit of a trust factor if you are renting from someone you don't know. There is a whole company set up to deal with point rental, but he charges a lot more than the going rate for normal rentals from the forum that deals with that.

Is renting points at a Disney Vacation Club Resort too good to be true? Not really. You will save a boatload of money, but the trade off is finding someone to rent the points from who you trust, and getting a reservation where you want it.

Now, about the dining plan. You will be able to add the Disney Dining Plan as a "guest" of the member. Once you have the reservation number, you can call the resort and request the dining plan be added.

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