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Resort Crowds at Disney World


by Amy



ok it’s me again with yet another question about the resort crowds at Disney World. Can you tell I am a little concerned about this topic?


After reading some of your pages on hotels my husband and I decided to just look at the possibility of upgrading out hotel. We are staying in the All Star Music family suite, with our family of 6. We wanted to see how much more to check out a nice place…there was nearly nothing only Coronado Springs. I even changed the party size to 4 thinking maybe that was limiting us and still the same. Then I searched the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas and there were far more choices.


This can’t be right can it? Is there something going on the week of November 28th through Dec 4th that I am unaware of? Is this an indication of large crowds?


I know Disney always has crowds but we were hoping to visit during a less crowded time. The full hotels have me questioning. Do you have any thoughts?


Thanks again. Last night when I was worried about it my husband said, “Just ask Dad, he’ll know!”



Dad’s your husband is a wise man Answer




Again, let me say, before you read this, take a deep cleansing breath. Grab a cup of your favorite relaxing drink. Put some Barry Manilow on your Ipod and hop in a hot bath surrounded by scented candles.


Feel better?


In the immortal words of one of my favorite songs by Bobby McFerrin – “Don’t Worry … Be Happy”. You have picked a great time to visit Disney World. The weather will be wonderful (if it doesn’t rain), the crowds will be small (probably), everywhere you turn Disney Cast Members will be handing you golden FastPasses (highly unlikely).


Amy, there my be several reasons why resort crowds at Disney World are high that week. There is a soccer tournament at the Wide World of Sports and that may be influencing the numbers. There is also the possibility that Disney is taking some of the rooms out of service for a big cleaning before the holiday rush. It may be that some of the MouseKeeping staff is taking vacation and they are reducing the number of rooms that have to be cleaned.


It may be that Dad is totally crazy and the parks will be overrun with bazillions of Brazilian teenagers, who are yelling and screaming and causing havoc all through the parks. (The possibility of the last is infinitesimal. OK, maybe infinitesimal is too strong, but it’s very small.) (No, Mrs. Mom, that’s I didn’t say infinite, I said infinitesimal, it’s the opposite.)


Another thing to remember is that if every hotel room at Disney World is filled with 4 guests, that’s only enough guests to really fill the Magic Kingdom. (100,000 or so) So, just looking at Disney’s hotels is an indicator, but you also have to look at the hotels around Disney to get a real feel for the crowds. Disney has been really effective with the free dining and the other specials. They have stolen a lot of guests that would normally have stayed in hotels outside of Disney, so while the Disney Resorts are full, the hotels around Disney are hurting.


Dad’s resort crowds at Disney World page


Important Disclaimer – Dad is not an employee of Disney and as such has no first hand knowledge of the workings of the Disney Company. Everything Dad says is purely his opinion as such is subject to being inaccurate. (Fat Chance.)


Dad’s Bottom Line


Thanks for the note Amy, and thank the hubby. He’s a smart man. Take that bath, enjoy the drink, let Barry take you away, your Disney World vacation is only 47 days away. It will be fine. Trust me.



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Comments for

Oct 12, 2010 you are right!!
by: Amy You are correct I really need some relaxation!!!!
i promise to stop worrying….

Oct 12, 2010 Another idea
by: Dad Amy,Here’s another idea for a little relaxation, instead of the bath thing.

Call your favorite baby sitter, yes, I know, with 4 it can be a challenge, but I hope you have someone to help. Make reservations at a local hotel. It can be a cheap one, but has to have free high speed internet and you have to have a laptop.

On D-Day, as soon as you can in the afternoon, grab hubby, run to the hotel, jump in the bed, and the two of you start reading every page of Dad’s great web site.

Dad’s Site

What? You thought I was going to suggest something else?

Have a great day!

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