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Resort Parking At Saratoga Springs Resort

by Kathy
(Peoria, IL)

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“We are staying at the Treehouse Villas at Saratoga Springs in January. We have ready how much longer it takes to use Walt Disney World transportation from there. If we drive to the parks, is resort parking close to the entrance? One of the perks we have always liked is that fact we can park our own car when we arrive and don’t have to work about finding parking spaces or door bangs from other excited guests exiting their vehicles.?”

Treehouse Villas

The Treehouse Villas look neat, but transportation isn’t go great over there – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Kathy, I love the idea of staying at the Treehouse Villas. Those things just look cool, I mean they just look interesting. They’re so different from all the other hotels, but the problem with the Treehouse Villas is that the transportation at the Treehouse Villas is, let’s just say, less than ideal. It’s just not very good.

To get to the bus, you have to take a bus to get to the bus. It’s kind of like over at Fort Wilderness Campground. There’s an internal bus for the Treehouse Villas that takes you to the bus that goes around Saratoga Springs. The Treehouse Villas are at Saratoga Springs Resort. So, you’ve got to take an internal resort bus to get to the park bus stop. There’s just not a good way to use Disney transportation at the Treehouse Villas.

Dad’s Saratoga Springs Page

If you’re on the internal bus and you just don’t happen to get there at the right place at the right time, it could take you an hour to an hour and a half just to get to a park. That’s why I like having a car at Disney World for most of the resorts, just because I like to be in control of time and it’s just really hard at somewhere like the Treehouse Villas.

So, let’s talk about when you have your own car at Disney World.

By the way, check out our Car at Disney World page. I’m sure it’s going to be down in the comments if it’s not already. Take a look at our Car in Disney World page and see why I always like to have a car at Disney World.

Dad’s Have A Car a WDW Page

Now, let’s talk about the parking lots and the parking. You’ve got control, if you’re driving, of when you leave and you’re not dependent on waiting for the bus. I will say, Saratoga Springs buses don’t run as often as, say, a Pop Century bus or an Art of Animation bus or a value resort bus or even a moderate resort bus. You might have to wait 20 or 30 minutes for a bus even after you get to the bus stop. So, it’s just not the best option is using the buses. Now, if you have to you have, but if you have the option of using your own car, I would say use your own car.

Let’s talk about the parking lots at Walt Disney World. You talk about door dings and resort parking. Resort parking at the parks at Walt Disney World is the same parking as general admission parking. Everybody goes in the same entrance, everybody parks in the same spots.

Now, I will say that Disney has probably the most innovative parking lots I think I’ve ever seen. Instead of everybody going in, parking side by side, everybody goes in at an angle. So, the first one that goes in, the second one is not quite lined up… you’re not door to door. So, if you open a door next to somebody, you guys aren’t opening door to door to where they’re coming together. So, it’s really kind of cool how that all works out. You don’t have as many door dings.

Also, the parking lots, they’re not north, south, east, west. Although, if you drive in you’re driving in north or south sometimes, but they’re set up to where you don’t have that prevailing wind that grabs the door out of your hand and hits the car next to you because of the way the angled parking is. It’s not with or into that prevailing wind. So, you don’t have that typically. Now, there can be times when that happens, but you don’t have the prevailing winds blowing across your cars and ripping the doors out of your hands for the most part. So, it’s really set up very well, very innovative parking lots.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I would suggest you use your own car because using the Disney transportation around is just … at Treehouse Villas, it’s just not a good idea. It’s just not a good idea. Parking lots are really cool and you control when you go to the parks.


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