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Riddle me this — Why is Disneyland so small?

by Russell

If Walt knew he wanted to build more than just Disneyland. Why is Disney World so small and why didn’t he have the foresight to own more property in California for other projects?

Dad’s Ohhh, ohh, ohh, I got this one Answer


I’ve been waiting all day to get off work to answer this question. I know this one.

Uncle Walt (he’s really only my uncle in my dreams) was very famous for making films for children, but not really very rich. Every time he made a new film, it took all the money he had. Finally, in the early 1950’s Walt gathered enough money to get a big project going. He bought 160 acres of orange grove just off the Santa Ana Freeway.

He started trying to find people to help him finance his project, but no one would get on board with the idea of a “amusement” park in the middle of nowhere. (At the time the area was not very populated.)

Disney had to finance most of the park and the rides himself, and it was a really big project. He put all the money he could scrape up into the project.

A few years after the park opened Disney looked up one day and noticed all of the hotels and restaurants and things that had sprung up around the park. There wasn’t any more room for expansion. That’s why when Uncle Walt started the Florida Project, he secretly bought 44,000 acres of land outside Orlando.

One of Uncle Walt’s biggest regrets about Disneyland was the area that surrounds the park.

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