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Ride Closures for Christmas Decorations

from Jess


Hello! My family and I are planning to go from November 7th through 13th. We are worried about ride closures due to the Christmas decorations going up.

Are there typically a lot of ride closures during this time?

Dad Answers

Hi Jess. Thanks for the question.


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and my favorite time to visit Walt Disney World. The transition over to Christmas is one of the most amazing things ever.

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The Christmas Transition

The Halloween decorations on Main Street don't have anything to do with ride closures in November but it is a pretty sight.=

In one night it goes from this… – photo by Judd Helms


The Christmas decorations on Main Street along with some balloons

To this. AMAZING! – photo by Laurie Sapp

Putting up the Christmas decorations at Disney World is a major undertaking. It starts in late October in all the parks except the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom’s transition is truly amazing. It goes from Halloween to Christmas literally overnight. Huge crews of people take the Halloween decorations down and then they put the Christmas decorations up in the same night.


This all happens that first week of November. The Magic Kingdom transition typically happens either November 2nd or 3rd. By the 4th or 5th of November all the Christmas decorations are up in the parks. So by the time you get there on the 7th it will be Christmas at Disney World.

Hotels Take Longer

OK, maybe not everywhere. The Christmas decorations at the parks go up early in November, but the hotels take a little longer. It’s usually mid-November when the hotels put up their decorations. Like the parks most of the hotels decorate overnight. You’ll go to bed one and wake up the next morning to Christmas.

Ride Closures for Christmas Decorations

The only ride that could have a ride closure in November for Christmas decorations is the Jungle to the Jingle Cruise. See the ride sign

The Jingle Cruise is just fun – photo by Judd Helms

Most of the rides do not really get a Christmas makeover.


The only ride that gets a major makeover is the Jungle Cruise which turns into the Jingle Cruise and it’s part of the overnight transition. One day you have the Jungle Cruise. The next day you have the Jingle Cruise. It’s amazing. Jungle/Jingle Cruise never closes.

November Crowds and Closures

Disney tends to close rides for maintenance during the slow times of the year. You’ll see a lot of rides closed in September, January and February, but not November. November is fairly busy time. The week of Veterans day (the week you are talking about) is not hugely busy, but busy enough that ride closures are usually on an emergency basis.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Jess, it would be unusual for Disney to have ride closures for the Christmas decorations to go up. I haven’t ever seen it. The Jungle Cruise is the only ride that has a major change and it’s done during the overnight hours.


The Halloween to Christmas transition at the Magic Kingdom is really amazing, but by the time you get there all the decorations in the parks will be up and it will be Christmas in the Disney parks.


Nothing to worry about when it comes to ride closures for Christmas decorations.

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  1. To add to that RunDisney is having the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend November 5-8 so that may impact their trip as well.

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