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Ride It’s A Small World


by Kat



Hi Dad. Hope you and yours are gearing up for a wonderful spring break. Can you can spare a little time for some urgently pearls of wisdom?


I strongly believe It’s A Small World should be a rite of passage for every first-time Disney guest. Our sweet daughter is excited to ride it, and Daddy will tough it out to make her happy. The dilemma enters with our 12 yr old son.


I offered to make a custom tee that says I Survived It’s A Small World, and even suggested he could submit an entry to the show “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”.


What can I do to get him on that boat? We only have until December to turn this thing around!

Dad’s Mom made me do it Answer



Good to hear from you again. This is going to be so fun.


The Tiki drummers in It's a Small WorldThe Tiki Drummers keep the beat as you sing the song – photo by Rich Ramos


The Bad Dad in me just want to yell and say, hey, the kid is 12, just tell him to get on the stupid ride and shut his little mouth. (Yes, I talked to my kids like that once. But only once.)


The Reasoning Dad in me says, make sure the little heathen … (sorry, I’m still in Bad Dad mode) have him read the real story of It’s a Small World (make sure he reads all 17 pages of the link). Then you suggest that he goes on the ride and looks for the “hidden door” and the “evil” clown. That should get his attention.

Dad’s It’s a Small World page

The Hip Dad in me says, don’t worry about it Mom, all will be OK. He’s not going to be stunted just because he doesn’t ride the ride. (And as soon as you, Dad and sister start to go to It’s a Small World without him, he’ll want to go with you.)


Artist Dad says instead of the t-shirt with I survived, you should have a t-shirt made with “Mom made me do it – I hate It’s a Small World”.


The Darth Vader Dad in me says tell him “Luke, I am your father” get on the ride or I’ll turn you over to the Emperor.


(The Princess chimed in …) Tell him its a good place to take a nap.


The Procrastinating Dad thinks, why worry about it now. Your not going to Disney for months. We’ll wait until we get to the ride and see what actually happens.


Finally, the Perfect Dad in me says, give the kid his choice, he can stay outside guarding strollers, or he can join the family on an adventure of a lifetime. And if he refuses, he doesn’t get lunch.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Kat, I’m a firm believer in the old adage, “children obey your parents”. (My kids are laughing their heads off.) Truly, what we found is when we made a plan, the kids grumped a bit, but they ended up doing what we told them without too much drama.


Comments for Ride It’s A Small World

Mar 27, 2011 The Eyes

by: Anonymous

Update! The true issue has surfaced.
Do you remember a creepy little movie called Coraline – the one where the characters had button eyes? It turns out DS’s real refusal to ride It’s a Small World was not one of age or orneriness, but sheer terror. (This from a kid who sits through sci-fi flicks like Alien without flinching.) Now that he knows the dolls have normal eyes, he’s good to go. Poor guy…you just never know!

Mar 14, 2011 small world

by: Ian

BRIBERY, £200.00 should just about do it.

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