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Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Questions

Jennifer and Nicole


Jennifer and Nicole both had questions about Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups that are almost the same, so I though I would combine them and answer them here. If more Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group questions crop up in the future I’ll probably add them here too.


Question 1 from Jennifer


Dear Dad,


My sister and I are going back to Disney World in early Feb (Yea!). I’m really excited to ride Rise of the Resistance, but I have two issues. First, my sister is not an early riser and second, Hollywood studios is not my favorite park. So, my questions are 1) do both people have to be in the park to join a boarding group or can one reserve for a party as you can for a fast pass? 2) If we join a boarding group, do we have to remain in the park until it’s time to board. In other words, if our group won’t board till late afternoon, can we park hop to EPCOT and return, or do we lose our group if we leave the park? Thank you so much for the info!


Question 2 from Nicole?


Does your whole party need to be together to get a boarding pass?

Dad Answers

The Walkers in Rise of the Resistance are pretty scary

The Walkers in Rise of the Resistance are pretty scary – photo by Cliff Wang

Hi ladies. Welcome to the party and thank you for the question.


As of January 5th, 2020 the answer is…


OK, what kind of writer would I be if I answered the question in one sentence?

Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups – Best Thing

Before I answer, I have to say that the Boarding Groups for Rise of the Resistance may be the best thing Disney has ever done for crowd control. Instead of standing in a 4 (or more) hour line, like happened when Flight of Passage opened, there is no line for Rise of the Resistance. None! Ever!


In fact, for now, you can’t even get in line unless you have a Boarding Group number and you can only get in line after your Boarding Group number has been called.


So, on opening day, instead of a 12-hour line (like Universal had) to ride Rise of the Resistance being reported on all the national news media channels complete with helicopter video, there was only some minor grumbling about not getting in a Boarding Group.


Who wants to stand in a 12-hour line? Crazy!

Dad’s Rise of the Resistance page

Rise of the Resistance is Cool

Rise of the Resistance is officially Dad’s New Favorite Ride at Walt Disney World. It’s cool. It’s the longest, bestest attraction Disney has ever created. Don’t doubt me.


I’ve ridden it twice and can’t wait to go back and experience it again and again and again. Sorry, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster…


Dad's Buddy Pigment trying to get Dad back on track to answer the question about Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

Yep, Rise of the Resistance has Dad’s stamp of approval. It’s officially cool.


Hey Dad, quit stalling and answer the question.


What question Pigment?


The question about everyone needing to be in the park to get in a Boarding Group.


Oh that question. That’s easy. Yes, everyone needs to be in the park with their ticket scanned. See, Disney even says it right on their website.

What Disney Says

Read Disney’s answer to if you need to be in the park to get in a Boarding Group.


You could have said that a long time ago.


Yeah Pigment. I could have, but I didn’t want to. (Dad says as he sticks his tongue out.)


Very adult of you Dad. I’m usually the childish one.


It’s that kind of day.

How to get in a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

It’s really easy to get in a Boarding Group. After you have your ticket scanned (walk a little further into the park), open the My Disney Experience App. There will be a button on the front page that says something about Accessing Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups. Click on that and follow the instructions.


If you have Friends and Family linked to your MDE account, you can add everyone to the Boarding Group when you make your reservation.


PS. Opening for Boarding Groups don’t start until the park officially opens. You might get into the park at 8:30 for a 9:00 opening but you won’t be able to get a reservation until 9.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Rise of the Resistance is the coolest ride ever at Walt Disney World. To get on you will need to get in a Boarding Group and EVERYONE in your party will need to HAVE THEIR TICKETS SCANNED in the park to join the group.


Have a Walt Disney World question you’d like Dad to answer? Go to Dad’s Ask Dad page and send it in. Dad can’t wait to hear from you!


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