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Room discounts during Thanksgiving Week 2017


by Veronica


“When do you think the November 2017 room discounts will be available? Can discounts be applied during the week of November 18th through 24th, Thanksgiving week? Are crowds as extreme as Easter holidays Thanksgiving week? Also, are there typically resorts that are usually excluded from room discounts?”


The Once Upon a Christmas Time Parade is on in November

November is a great time to catch the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade – Photo by Wayne Wood


Veronica, that’s a real good question. The late fall/winter room discounts stop the room discounts on October 5th so there’s no room only discounts after October 5th. Funny, because they put out free dining through December but they just put out the room discounts through October 5th.


When do I expect the next round of discounts to come out? Typically, it’s in August. That’s been the pattern for several years. About the second week of August is when the late fall/early winter, and even into 2018. Even into the next year a little bit, the first couple weeks of 2018. Will there be discounts available for Thanksgiving week? It will not be blacked out because they typically don’t black out room discounts.


Now, will there be any availability? That’s another story. It depends on how many rooms they’ve already got booked. If bookings are down, then there will be discounts available. If bookings are up, there won’t. Thanksgiving week is a tough week because that’s a pretty busy week.


Will there be any available for Thanksgiving week? Maybe, maybe not. Now, if you want a standard room I would pretty much guarantee there’s not going to be any available. If you want preferred room, a preferred room with a water view, one of those higher level rooms, you might have a better chance.


As you ask about resorts blacked out, some resorts have more availability than others and more chances to get a discount. An example would be the All Star Sports Resort. Yeah, you can probably get a Discount at the All Star Sports.


The resorts that are typically excluded from all discounts are the Little Mermaid suites at the Art of Animation, Port Orleans French Quarter, the camp sites, not the cabins, but the camp sites at Fort Wilderness Campground, the three bedroom villas at all of the Disney Vacation Club resorts, and the Port Orleans Riverside can sometimes be excluded. Riverside is one of those that goes back and forth, but those others are typically excluded from all discounts. Others sometimes resorts will sneak in from time to time, but those are the ones that are pretty much excluded from all discounts.


I really suggest you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel. This is their specialty. They are great about monitoring reservations and applying discounts when they become available. You can make a reservation today and not have to worry about when the discounts come out. Destinations to Travel will watch for you and take care of it.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page


Now, as to crowds for Thanksgiving week, they are big. Do they compare to Easter week? Absolutely. Pretty much maybe even a little bigger than Easter week. Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest weeks of the year at Walt Disney World. Now, the patterns are a little different. Easter week, Easter is on Monday. Easter is celebrated on Monday, so Easter week the weekend is busy. Monday is busy, and crowds start to diminish as the week goes on.


Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page


Thanksgiving week, it’s a different story. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, so the crowds build up through Thursday. Thursday is the biggest week for crowds. Then they start going back down. By Sunday everybody goes home, nobody’s there. Just kidding, but it’s really not very busy that next week. At least, usually not. Last year it was, but usually it’s not. There is a difference in the patterns but overall the crowds are very similar between the two. Maybe even a little bigger at Thanksgiving.



Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is the discounts for the last part of the year should come out in August. I’m expecting around the first, second week of August. Will they be available for all resorts? No, they never are. We talked about Port Orleans, The Little Mermaid rooms. We talked about the ones that aren’t available and the difference between the crowds. Thanksgiving week, Easter, pretty much the same.


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disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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