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Room Renovations at the Polynesian Resort

by Christina
(Springfield pa)

We are heading to Disney in May, we are staying at the Polynesian. They have begun room renovations, why have I not been notified of it, as my choice of longhouse will be closed while we are there? Also, would you recommend us switching to another resort?

The Polynesian Resort from the boat ramp

And miss this? – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s No Big Deal Answer


I know that when planning a Perfect Vacation for our families it’s easy to get caught up in all the little details and forget to stop remember that no matter what this is going to be a magical vacation because you’re going to Walt Disney World! Ride closures, restaurant menu changes, and resort renovations can all lead to frustration before or during a trip, but don’t worry, it’s not the end of the World (See what I did there? Dad’s so quick with a pun!).

Disney is constantly performing upgrades, maintenance, and restorations to all areas of Walt Disney world, from pools and pathways to animatronics and animal enclosures to security and sugary treats – and everything in between. All the constant upkeep work is necessary to keep WDW a happy, healthy, safe space for everyone, and Disney does a great job of minimizing interference for guests while they work.

The Polynesian is one of the spaces in need of an upgrade, and Dad for one is glad the folks at Disney are taking the time to perform renovations to keep up this property, which was one of two original hotels at Walt Disney World, and which Uncle Walt had a hand in designing. It’s age and popularity are a strain, and just like everything, it needs repairs and a refresh from time to time.

I know it may be annoying, but the reason you didn’t receive a notification about the renovations going on during your stay is because rooms are only assigned upon arrival. Disney may take requests for specific room qualities – number of beds, floor location, views, certain buildings, etc. – but they make no guarantees that that room you want is yours prior to your arrival at the resort.

I wouldn’t recommend switching to another resort – in Dad’s opinion the Polynesian Resort is the best hotel in the whole wide world. You have a perfect monorail location, views of the Magic Kingdom, a volcano pool and a beach, and who can forget – > ‘Ohana! Sounds like paradise to me.

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If you’re really truly upset by the idea of the renovations, don’t let that ruin your perfect Vacation – you can always pick another resort! I’d recommend the Beach Club since it provides proximity to both EPCOT and Disney Hollywood Studios, plus just like the Polynesian, it has a great beach!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Christina, no matter what, you’re going to have a magical vacation! Don’t let the renovations get you down, they’re no big deal!

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Mar 20, 2013 Poly in June
by: Mike Hammon

Yeah, we’re going to the Poly in June. I’ve done quite a lot of homework and it looks like they are really trying to keep the disruption minimal. They are only working on a building or two at a time and so hopefully you (and I) won’t notice much. Obviously they will work on them more during the day but most people are at the parks during the day. I know I’ve planned to spend an entire day at Poly just to relax, play at the pool, etc. While I’m really hoping that the renovations don’t overly affect it, I also know that sometimes you just have to accept the hand your dealt and make the best of it. And besides, its DISNEY!!!!

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