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Room Request at Polynesian

I love your blog! Great website…We are staying at the Polynesian soon and would really like a room with a double sink. Is there anything I can do, besides requesting, to help us get the room we want? It may sound picky but when you travel with 3 sons and husband it’s important. Thanks


Dad’s no guarantee but Answer


Getting a room with 2 sinks at the Polynesian is a good thing. Those rooms tend to be a little larger than the standard rooms, and with 4 boys you need all the room you can get.

The Rapa Nuie and the Tahiti Longhouses both have bigger rooms with 2 sinks. While there is no way to book these rooms, you can request them. When you make your booking (hopefully with Dad) you tell your travel agent (Dad) about your room request at the Polynesian and they’ll let Disney know.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Polynesian Resort is a great place for a Disney World vacation. If you don’t end up with 2 sinks, it’s not the end of the world. Just send the boys out to shower at the pool and you’ll be fine. (Just kidding.)

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