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Rooms at Pop Century Resort

by Amy

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“We have a Disney trip coming up in November. We are staying at Pop Century Resort. We have stayed at Pop multiple times before and always end up in the same area of the resort. I would like to request a room in a different area this time.

What would you recommend? We have a standard room (Preferred not available with Military Discount). We have stayed in different buildings around the 80’s & 90’s several times and would like to try a different building (maybe 60’s 70’s?) Is there a particular building or area your would recommend.

The first part of our trip will be at All Star Sports (2 nights) and the remainder at Pop (6 nights). Any suggestions for All Star Sports? We have a preferred room there.”

The Yo Yo at the 60's building at the Pop Century

I love the 60’s building at the Pop Century – Photo by Cliff Wang

Amy, I do have some ideas about the Pop. I love the Pop Century as you know, I’ve been there many, many times.

Dad’s Pop Century page

Because I don’t really know the All Stars, I got to touch with our partners over at Destination to Travel and gave them the question just to see what they would answer. And they pretty much came up with the same answer for the Pop I would have. So let’s just see what they said.

This came from Stephanie Walsh who is one of the great agents at Destinations Travel, you ought to give them a try.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Stephanie says, “How fun to be so close to a Walt Disney World vacation.The Pop Century is our resort of choice. Since you’ve already stayed in the 80s and 90s section, I would definitely suggest requesting a room in the 60s section. As the 60’s is centrally located to Everything Pop and the Hippie Dippie pool. Many of the rooms in the 60’s are preferred view and pool view rooms. But there are standard rooms in that section as well.

Being in the 60s you would have close access to the Classic Hall for dining and shopping and of course, you’d be in walking distance to transportation to the parks and to Disney Springs.”

At the All-Star Sport Stephanie suggests you “request the Surf’s Up building, that will get you close to the Stadium Hall and transportation. You have to remember that room requests are not guaranteed, but it never hurts to make a request. Hope you have a magical time visiting Walk Disney World.”

Amy, I totally agree. I would request the 60s building at the Pop Centuries and also I like the 50s building too. We’ve stayed up in the 50s, we’ve stayed in the 60s. I’ve stayed in the 90s but never the 70s or 80s.

But there’s really no bad room at the Pop Century. They’re all fairly close to the Classic Hall, the main building. So it’s just really a really fun place to stay. But I would agree with Stephanie and request the 60s building. You should be able to request a building as you make your online check in. I think there’s an option where you can request one of the decades.

There’s another way to make requests and that’s going over to TouringPlans. TouringPlans has a hotel finder and this is part of the free part of Touring Plans. You can choose a room using Touring Plans and then if you have a subscription you can forward that request to Disney and they’ll get it.

It doesn’t always happen, it’s about a 50/50 proposition, maybe even a little less than that. But it can’t hurt to make that request through TouringPlans. If you don’t have a TouringPlans subscription, come through our TouringPlans page.

Dad’s TouringPlans page

Anyway go over there and look at TouringPlans and see if you can find the room, you want using their room finder app.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

But the bottom line is you can make your request. Destinations to Travel, if made reservation through them, they’ll do it for you. That’s one of the reasons I highly recommend Destinations to Travel because of their service.

It’s easy to make a request. Will you get it? I don’t know. But it doesn’t hurt to make the request.


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