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Getting to Rope Drop Hollywood Studios

from Pella


Bright Suns! Hope all is well! I have a question in regards to getting to rope drop at Hollywood Studios for Smuggler’s Run in Galaxy’s Edge.


I want to be there between 5-6 am. My preference is using the Minnie vans, but they don’t start up until 6:30. The buses and monorails also do not start around 5 am. How do you recommend us use transportation to make it to HS that early? Would a Lyft driver drop us off in the front of HS? How does that work?

Dad Answers

The hall leading to the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon at Disney's Hollywood Studios rope drop is a good idea

The detail is just AWESOME! – photo by Rich Ramos

Bright Suns Pella. (Bright Suns means good morning in Batuu.)


It’s good that you are thinking about how to get to Disney’s Hollywood Studios early. Since the opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Hollywood Studios has been a hopping place early in the mornings. It’s been open for almost 2 months now and people are still lining up to get into the park before 6 am.

Do YOU Need to be at Hollywood Studios that early?

My first thought when I read your question was, does Pella really need to be at Hollywood Studios in time for rope drop? You mention that you want to go to Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, but are you also looking to get a Boarding Pass for Rise of the Resistance? If so, then you definitely need to be there early, but if not, it’s not that essential that you rope drop and run to Smuggler’s Run.


Let me explain a little. Ever since Smuggler’s Run opened, people run to get in line right at rope drop. (It happens at Disneyland too.) The line is actually the longest 30 minutes after opening pretty much for the whole day. We experienced it at Disneyland and when we went Thanksgiving week. The first hour line was like 120 minutes and went down to 90 minutes by 11 am and stayed around there all day.

Dad’s Millennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run page

So if you aren’t trying to ride Rise of the Resistance (but you should), there’s not a need to arrive by 6. If you are the yes, by all means get there early.

How to get to Hollywood Studios by Rope Drop?

So how do you get to Hollywood Studios by 6 am with park opening at 7? Typically I would say grab Disney Transportation but not knowing what resort you’re staying at, I can’t totally recommend that. You should be able to bus over by 6, but you’ll have to start early and be careful that you don’t just miss a bus. The Skyliner and Minnie Vans don’t run that early so that’s out.

Dad’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios page

Uber or Lyft

My best recommendation to get to rope drop at Hollywood Studios is Uber or Lyft. Set them up the night before. They drop off pretty much at the front entrance, as close or closer than the buses.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Pella, if you are trying to get a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance, then you do need to be at Hollywood Studios at least an hour before official opening time. I don’t recommend going to Smuggler’s Run first thing in the morning. It’s better to wait a while and let the morning crush disperse. Come back later in the day when the lines are shorter.


Uber of Lyft are probably your best bets for getting to Hollywood Studios for rope drop by 6. If you’re staying at a Value Resort, the buses should be fine, Moderates or Deluxe’s… not so much.


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  1. Thanks Carl. My brother & I are planning to go down in September (my first time in 18 years) and we need this info. We’re going to try to get on Rise, but if we don’t make it, well we can always try in a couple of years.

    My sister & I went to Disneyland (MY FIRST TIME EVER! It took me 62 years to get there.) in 2017 about a month after Guardians opened there. I was the worst line I ever saw in my life. Have things calmed down out there since then?

    We know that a lot of new things aren’t going to ready when we go, but we’re hoping a lot of people will put off their own trips until the anniversary in 2021.

    1. Post

      Mary, congratulations on your trip. Hopefully it will be Magical.

      Rise of the Resistance is still CRAZY. The good thing is with the boarding groups the lines aren’t long during the day, but it’s a challenge first thing in the morning. You must be in the park to get into a boarding group and you’ll need to be there right when the park opens. Boarding groups fill up in the first 5 minutes after park opening time. But hopefully it will be lots slower by September.

      Crowds are much larger than normal this year. People have been putting off trips for the last couple of years and they are coming now that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is completely open. But September should be lots slower. It always is.

      Enjoy your trip.

  2. We are going mid April (after Easter), as of now park hours show HS opening at 9am on the day we plan to visit. Is a 6am showtime necessary for rope drop to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance?

    1. Post


      No. You don’t have to be at the park at 6:00 am any more. I recommend 45 minutes prior to park opening time. My guess is that time will be 8:00 am.

      Carl (Dad) Trent

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