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Royal Rooms or 1 Bedroom Condo?

by Mari
(Boca Raton Fl)

Would you stay at the new Royal Rooms at the Port Orleans Riverside or the one bedroom Old Key West? Two boys ages 9 and 5.

The winner is?

A Royal Room at the Port Orleans Riverside

Photo by Disney (all rights reserved)

Dad’s one fun choice Answer


Wow, what a fun choice. This one comes down to space and kitchen versus a pretty look. I don’t know that it’s important where I would stay, the more important question is which matches your family situation better.

Let’s start with the theme. If you had girls, it would be a no brainer answer. Obviously for girls the Royal Rooms are “fit for a little princess”. What little girl doesn’t want to play princess? See. But boys are different. Most boys can be thrown into a pit of trash and be perfectly happy, but throw them into a “girly” room and …

“Royal” doesn’t really thrill boys. (Now a Pirate Room over at the Caribbean Beach Resort might be a different story. If you had said a Pirate room, then no contest, but a Royal room????

Video from Disney that shows the “Royal” rooms

Next let’s look at the rooms themselves. The Royal Room at the Port Orleans is a standard Disney Moderate hotel room. It has 2 queen size beds and the standard hotel room amenities. It is around 314 square feet.

The 1 bedroom at the Old Key West is the biggest single room on Disney property. It weighs in at a whopping 942 square feet. That’s right over nine HUNDRED square feet. It has 2 TV’s, a full kitchen, and lots and lots of space. Just for you, it has an incredible whirlpool tub to soak those aching muscles in after a hard day at the parks.

The only drawback to the Old Key West room is it only has 1 bed. The boys would have to sleep on the sleeper sofa. (Ah shucks.) The good part is they would have a TV to watch while they are going to sleep and you could retire to your bedroom and relax and get away from them just a bit.

Dad’s Disney Old Key West Resort page

The next thing to check is price. This may be the deciding factor. A Standard View Royal Room at the Port Orleans Riverside starts at $189 per night this year. The One Bedroom room at Old Key West starts at $435 per night. That’s a lot of difference. If you wanted to “rent” points for the Old Key West room, you would probably pay around $325 per night. So if it comes down to price, the Port Orleans wins by a landslide.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Mari, if money is no object, then by all means go with the Old Key West, if money is tight, save a bit and go with a standard room at a moderate or even at a value resort. If you want to spluge on a special room for the boys, check out the Pirate rooms at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

Better yet, go over to Dad’s Destinations to Travel page and talk to one of the Disney Vacation Planners over there and let them help you select the Perfect place to stay on your trip.

Hope this helps.

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