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Safety at the Polynesian Resort

I am coming to you, a seasoned Polynesian guest, for your input. We are about to go to Disney Polynesian for the first time and have become increasingly uneasy about staying there after reading about two separate instances of items stolen out of guest rooms, as well as dirty rooms and bad service.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable about the security or safety? We obviously want to be excited about our first trip to the Polynesian but with how expensive it is and the bad feedback I have read, I am hoping we did not make a mistake in our choice of resort. Please advise….thank you for your time.

Dad’s slept like a baby Answer

Yes, I am a seasoned Polynesian guest and a Polynesian fan. I have never had any problems with safety at the Polynesian Resort or anywhere else at Disney World.

One of our favorite things to do is when we get back to the resort we run over to Captain Cooks and grab a drink. We were so comfortable that we let the kids go by themselves. Never thought twice about it.

Dad’s Polynesian Resort Page

About the cleanliness thing. The Polynesian Resort has over 800 rooms. The resort has an 80% occupation rate. That means on any given night over 600 rooms are filled. For 365 nights a year. There are bound to be some problems. Have we ever been disappointed by the cleanliness of a room? Not really. Have we had problems in a Disney Hotel? Sure. But all in all we’ve found Disney housekeeping to be outstanding.

One of the problems the Polynesian Resort has is it costs so much that people expect to be catered to every minute of every day and are disappointed. When you pay $400.00 or more per night you expect more, true, but you have to be reasonable.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Are there ever problems at the Polynesian Resort? No never. Just kidding. I’m sure some people have had rooms that aren’t up to Disney standards. That happens at every hotel. Is the Polynesian the perfect resort? No, but what resort is? The Polynesian is a beautiful resort in a beautiful place. Relax, go and have a great time.

Comments for Safety at the Polynesian Resort

Dec 02, 2012

A word about Poly safety

by: SadricAmber

Recently I was listening to a podcast where they were saying that Disney Security was very concerned about thefts at resorts (particularly the Poly) but one thing that was causing it was this. . . People were leaving their room open by putting the dead bolt on so the door won’t close. This was done by these guests so their kids could come and go and they wouldn’t have to give their kids a room key becasue they feared their kids would make room charges (apparently the fact they could give their kids keys with no charging privileges eluded them). Then when things disappeared they blamed mousekeeping. Obviously you need to be brain damaged to do this but it was prevalent enough for Disney security to get the word out there to stop people from doing it. How people get enough money to stay at the Polynesian but don’t have common sense enough to close their door when they leave is truly mind boggling.

Aug 29, 2012

Polynesian allows thefts to occur

by: Matt K.

Have been to Disney several times during past ten years. Not huge fan, as parks are always so crowded, but kids enjoy it. This year we decided to stay in Disney at Polynesian resort. Big mistake! My wife bought a Apple ipad to bring on the trip. Kids play games on it and my wife was taking vacation photos and video with it. Left it on dresser in room and when we returned from day in the parks it was gone. Hotel staff was not helpful at all. Could not have cared less. When management does nothing to try and stop it, its no wonder the thefts occur.

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