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Save a Bundle Month – Hotels Week – The Big Secret

A few years ago, there was a book about saving money at Disney World which touted a “Big Secret” that could save you THOUSANDS of dollars on a Disney Hotel. Now that sounded like something I just had to have, so I plunked down the $199.95 (I don’t remember what it cost, but if I remember right it was pretty pricey) and dove in to find the “Big Secret”.

The Bay Lake Tower from the walkway - Photo by Jeff_B.

The Bay Lake Tower from the walkway (our room was right there) – Photo by Jeff_B.

I don’t want to say anything negative about the book, because to be quite honest, I don’t remember much about the book, but I do remember the “Big Secret”. It really is a good tip. It can save you a lot of money (it did Mrs. Mom and me last year). But there is nothing secret about it.

So what is this “Big Secret” and how can it save you “thousands” of dollars? That’s a good question.

Here it is. The “Big Secret” that’s not so secret is … (drum roll please) … rent Disney Vacation Club points. Yep that’s it. Rent points from some Disney Vacation Club member and use them to make your hotel reservation and you might just save a bundle.

So Dad, how will renting Disney Vacation Club points save us “THOUSANDS” or even a bundle? Another good question.

Whether you save money or not renting Disney Vacation Club points depends on the type of room you are trying to reserve. If you are planning on staying in a Deluxe Resort, then yes, you will save money and you might even save “thousands”. If you were planning to stay at a Deluxe Villa (Disney Vacation Club) Resort, you will save a bundle. However, if you plan on staying at a Moderate Resort you might save a bit and you might not. If you plan on staying at a Value Resort, then this “Secret” won’t help you at all.

Hey Dad, how do I rent points? OK, that’s a bit harder question.

Here’s how it works. You find a DVC owner that has extra points that they are willing to “rent” to you. You make an agreement on price per point. You send money to the DVC owner. The DVC owner makes the reservation for you (all DVC reservations have to be made by DVC owners only). The DVC owner sends you the reservation information. You go to Disney World and enjoy your vacation.

That sounds a bit risky. How do I know I won’t get scammed? That’s the big question.

This is the biggest issue when it comes to renting DVC points. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes scammers will pretend to sell DVC points and steal money. Like I said, it doesn’t happen often, but renting points can be stressful.

When we rented points last year, we rented from our friends. No problem there, but unless you have friends with extra DVC points renting points can be tricky. There is another option that takes some of the uncertainty out of the transaction. There are a couple of clearinghouses that connect DVC owners with renters. (I recommend David’s DVC Request.)

How much can I save? Maybe a bunch

Let’s compare six nights in September. At random I picked September 8 – 14. We’ll compare the price for several different hotel combinations including the Free Dining promotion with 7 day base tickets (I figured a family of 4 with 2 children ages 8 and 4).

  • A Garden View room at the Contemporary Resort – $2,584 (no discount), $1,809 (with the summer room only discount), $3,877 (room and Free Dining promotion)
  • A Standard View room at Coronado Springs Resort (Moderate Resort) – $1,204 (no discount), $903 (with summer room discount), $2,398 (free dining)
  • A Standard View Studio at Bay Lake Tower – $2,909 (no discount), $2,764 (summer room discount), $4,103 (free dining)
  • A Standard View Studio at Bay Lake Tower renting DVC points –  $1,204 ($14 per point, the price Dave charges), $3,247 with tickets (from Undercover Tourist) and the Disney Plus Dining Plan
  • A Standard View Studio at Animal Kingdom Lodge (the cheapest DVC room) – $798 room only, $2,831 with tickets and dining

So, let’s get this correct. I’ll can stay at a Deluxe Resort and save money over a Moderate Resort? Yep, that what it says. As you can see, if you choose the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you’d save over $1,000 on the room over the Contemporary room. You’d even save money over a Moderate Resort (except for Free Dining).

Renting DVC points is a good deal and might save you a bundle.

Have you ever rented DVC points?

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  1. I purchased timeshare points on the 2nd hand market for Wyndham Timeshares (Never buy directly from them directly – way too expensive). For 500,000 point I paid about $2,800 back in ’09 (The economy did help!) and $2200 per year in maintence fees. To stay at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek (It is actually on propery but not owned by Disney) a 1 BR/1BA condo with full kitchen for that week is 84,000, 2BR/2BA is 112,000 and a 3BR/2BA is 175,000. Each week has a point value – with September being less then say July. I saw 1 BR for rent for a week on ebay for $750 and a 2 BR for $900 – that seems to generally the going rate for the fall and for rentals. From pictures I would say this location is on par with the Delux resorts.

  2. I am an owner with Wyndham. We always stay at Wyndham Bonnet Creek and love it. I agree though buy from ebay. Some even give away their time share ownership on there to get rid of the maintence fees. We bought directly from Wyndham and it’s night and day from what you can get if you purchase from somebody else (if I knew then what I know now….)

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