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Saving spots in line at Walt Disney World

by Larry
(Summerville, SC)


Hello Dad! Just 5 days until our week at Walt Disney World! I’ve been checking the wait times on my phone and I see they are well over 90 minutes for the popular rides. I’m wondering if it would be allowed and how much would I be hated by other ride enthusiasts if I stand in a 90 minute line while my party visits other attractions then joins me after 60 or so minutes?


I don’t want to break Disney rules or aggravate other park visitors. But I would rather sacrifice my good time if it helps my family get the most out of their park time.

Saving spot in line at Walt Disney World's It's a Small World ride would be very hard.

Hard Saving Spots in Line at Disney World Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s it’s not very easy Answer

Larry, While your plan for saving spots in line at Walt Disney World sounds doable and I’ve seen people try, it’s not very practical. A lot of the lines at Disney World aren’t where someone could join you later. For example, Space Mountain, the line for Space Mountain goes up into the building. If you were to save places for your family, they would have to crawl over everyone that was in line between you and the entrance. That’s not good for making friends and influencing people.


There are a few rides, like Peter Pans Flight where you could do it, but I assure you that it would make a ton of people mad if you jumped into that line.


Instead of saving spots in lines at Walt Disney World, try Dad’s crowd avoidance methods.


  1. Get to the parks early
  3. Get to the Parks Early
  4. Ride the big rides first

Dad’s Disney World Crowds page


It’s funny, the average guest at the Magic Kingdom sees 9 attractions in a day. They spend most of their time standing in line. That’s why, if you are going in the summer time or some other busy time Dad is so adamant about or building a plan. It’s crucial to know how to avoid the crowds and get around the parks. Our family averages 18 or so attractions on every visit to the Magic Kingdom. We don’t stand in line very often. (Did that once, everyone complained.) That’s because Dad is a championship planner who knows when to get advice from the best.

Dad’s page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

For most rides this won’t be a factor. You can’t do it. For those you can, you will make other guest that stand in the same hot, long line for hours upset. Yes, you will. (Put me in that category.)


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Comments for

Feb 07, 2012 Saving spots
by: Anonymous I agree, I HATE this. Sometimes I’m ok with 1 maybe 2 people, but when a whole party tries to pass, that really ticks me off. And I’ll usually say something, which embarrasses my family! However; I must admit that I’ve left the line with a child who all of a sudden HAD to go to the bathroom and was doing the “potty dance”; and returned to the line with my party. The people around me have always been kind and not had a problem when I came back. We should all just use common sense and common courtesy. Thanks for this article and everything else you write!

Jun 10, 2011 wish I could give this 10000 stars!
by: Anonymous DAD thank you so much for telling people to not cut in line!We were behind one single man and his toddler daughter sleeping in her stroller waiting in line for our Mickey and Minnie meet. 7 people from the front dad calls someone and says better hurry up. NO JOKE 3 other FAMILIES came out of nowhere to meet this guy. Each family had a minimum of 5 people!! i thought the people in front of us where going to go nuts!.

It was beyond rude! took these families almost 40 mins to get all the pics each family wanted. So others who read this, DONT DO THIS!

Dad you never cease to make me very happy on here!

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