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Saving Spots in Line for Flight of Passage

by Cheryl
(Florence, KY)

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“Hi, there. We are going to Walt Disney World the week after Thanksgiving in 2017. We have six adults and six children, nine to four, all tall enough to ride Flights of Passage. Pretty sure we won’t be able to get fast passes at the 30-day mark.

If we must wait in line for an hour to 90 minutes, won’t go if it’s more, and could take four adults and the kids out somewhere and join the two adults holding line later, I mean first, is the line open enough that that is possible? Second, do you think the people behind us will get more than irritated? The only reason to do this is so the kids don’t go bonkers waiting in line.”

The line area for Flight of Passage

This is the easy part… – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Cheryl, first, no, it’s not doable just because the way the line is set up at Flights of Passage. It is a long, long line that snakes through underground. You can’t get, you can’t come from outside and find a place in line where you can meet up. It’s just not doable.

Number two, yeah, people are going to get irritated. They’re waiting in line for an hour with their kids or more, with their kids. Now, if they’re going to get more than irritated depends on the people. Some people aren’t going to like it and plus, you’re going to have to pass hundreds of people to get to your place in line.

If you have to jump out and take them to the bathroom, that’s understandable but to have six people come in through a very long line that’s not easy to get through. I mean, you’re talking about four foot, three or four-foot wide line area.

The line is kind of like Space Mountain, Test Track, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Those rides with long lines where you don’t have easy access to bring people in and out. It’s not a good idea. You don’t want to irritate people like that. I know I wouldn’t like it if somebody pushed by me saying … “I’ve got to catch up with my family.”

Now, how can you avoid that? If you can’t get FastPasses, don’t go when there’s Morning Extra Magic Hours and you be at the park when the park opens, before the park opens so you’re one of the first people in the park. Then, you head directly to Flights of Passage. That way, you’re not in that hour-long line. The line will be fairly short if you go there right away.

Now, if you get to the park at 10:00, yeah, it’s going to be a long line. I looked the other day. It was, I think, noon Eastern and the line for Flight of Passage was 350 minutes long. Probably something wrong with that but lines are still crazy for Flights of Passage.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

IIf you can’t get a FastPass, get to the park early before it opens, 30, 45 minutes before it opens so you’re one of the first people in line to get in the park. Head directly to Flights of Passage and the line shouldn’t be too bad.

I don’t recommend saving places in line. It’s just not practical and is very irritating.


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Comments for

Aug 27, 2017 Late night
by: Mari C

We just came from Disney two weeks ago and the lines were over 200 minutes every day. If you are staying on property you can take advantage of the extra magic hours after closing where only pandora stays open until 12am. O think this is supposed to run until the end of the year?

If you think the kids can hang, we got in line where it claimed the wait was 95mins, we were constantly walking through and it was only about 55mins including wait and ride time. Same was for the river journey with noted wait times of 2 mins and we were on a boat in 5mins.

Dad Answers

Mari, unfortunately the late Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom just ended.

Aug 21, 2017 Holding place in line
by: Mike

Me and my family have been to DW 60 times and I can tell you we dislike very much the people that come up from behind and say family up ahead. We personally do not let them through. if you cant all get on line together have the people up ahead wait when they get to the end until you make it up there waiting on line like the rest of us.

Supposedly the practice of passing people online to catch up with other members of your party , which by the way is not always true is frowned upon by Disney and cast members are supposed to stop them if complained about.Just 3 weeks ago we were on line for flight of passage 3 hours by the way and people attempted to pass from behind and people who were not happy with this stopped them and a physical altercation broke out.

So Please Don’t Do It.

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