Sea World raises ticket prices, again


by Dad

This is a bit scary. Sea World is raising ticket prices again for the 2nd time this year. (Here is Dad’s story about the first price increase at Sea World.)

Why is this scary? Universal had a big price increase this year. Sea World raised prices, not once but twice in less than 6 months. This may mean that a big price increase is around the corner for Disney World. Yes, Disney did raise prices early this year and they raised them quite a bit, but if everyone else is raising prices then Disney will too.

A single day price at Sea World is now $81.99 compared to Disney World’s single day price of $84.99. (See the story in the Orlando Sentinel about how Sea World raises ticket prices again.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

I think that the next couple of years that prices may go up but discounts will come roaring back. Yes, that goes against everything I’ve said for the last year or so, but the economy is slowing which might mean a change in Disney World discounting.

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