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September 2011 Disney World crowds


by Debbie
(Slidell, LA)


Hi Dad. With all the Disney World Moderate Hotels sold out and the Value Resort rooms almost gone, will the crowd levels be higher than expected for mid to late September? We’re going to the Port Orleans French Quarter on September 17-24.


This is not what the will be like at the Port Orleans Resort

at the Port Orleans Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s I haven’t changed my mind yet Answer




It’s a bit scary to see that all the rooms at the Value Resorts and the Moderate Resorts are all booked up. That sometime means big crowds at Disney World. I’m not sure that’s the case when it comes to September 2011 Disney World Crowds. Let me tell you why.

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First, I do compare my results to I don’t use them to create my calendars and I don’t always agree with their predictions, but they do have sources at Disney that tell them the occupancy at the hotels and they also get information from the surrounding hotels. They are still calling for small crowds during September.


If you don’t already, you ought to subscribe to They have great planning information, up to the minute reports on the Lines at Walt Disney World and even plans that will save you hours of standing in line.

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The other big indicator for me is the park hours. When Disney starts adding hours to a month or has the Magic Kingdom open past 9:00 every night, I’ll change my crowd projections. They haven’t done that for September.


You might be asking Hey Dad, why are the Value and Moderate Resorts all filled up in September? One word, FREE DINING. (Yes, I know.) Lately Disney has been stealing (legally) guests that would normally stay in the resorts around Disney World with the FREE DINING promotions. (Which by the way, it’s not too late to get in on. Go over to Dad’s new travel partner and check to see what’s available.) Those guests normally pick the Value and Moderate Resorts over the higher priced resorts. That’s why the Value and Moderate’s are so full.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Yes, the might be up a bit with free dining, but I don’t expect you to be overwhelmed.


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