September 2019 crowds before Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens

September 2019 crowds before Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens

by Tasha
(Texas )


"Hi, Dad! Your information helped me to plan a wonderful Christmas vacation to Disney during December this year and I thank you so very much for doing what you do! My husband and I are planning a trip to Disney world from September 2nd (Labor day) to September 8th, 2019.

I keep getting different information when looking at crowd calendars. Is this generally a good time for low crowds? Do you expect this week might have lower crowds than normal because people will wait to go to Disney when Star Wars:Galaxy's Edge opens just a month or 2 later?

Also, which Halloween party would be less crowded- the Labor Day party or the Friday party that week? Thank you so much!"

September is always nice


Howdy, neighbor (I'm in Oklahoma).

September is always a good time to visit Walt Disney World. It's the slowest month of the year crowd wise. Hot, but low crowds. This year with Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening in November, the crowds will be a little lighter than normal.

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Yes, Disney just announced Free Dining for all of September, but that happens ever year and September is still the lowest crowd month of the year. So I don't expect crowd levels will increase much over what's happened in the past.

And yes, that's true of Labor Day week. Labor Day is usually the slowest holiday of the year. There might be a small bump in crowds over the weekend but starting Monday the crowds disappear.

Mickey's Not So Scary

Princess Vanellope in the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade

You might even get to see this Princess - Photo by Courtney Reynolds

I think Monday will be the better day for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I don't think either one will be bad, but the locals like to come out on Fridays so Mondays are usually a little better.

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Dad's Bottom Line

I think you'll be in for another great trip. Crowds should be small. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party will be fun. Enjoy!



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