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Shellfish allergy and family style dining at WDW

by Hollie
(Uk )

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“Hi Dad!

I’m going to WDW in September 2019 and we’re beginning to sort out where we want to eat.

A couple of people in our party want to try Ohana and Garden Grill, however I have a shellfish allergy and I’m worried about how that will play out, as I’m know shrimp is sometimes on the menu.

Is it okay to just mention it to our server or is it best to phone in advance? Maybe even miss these restaurants?
Thanks so much!”

Disney will take care of you!

Steak and Shrimp on a plate at 'Ohana

The shrimp is optional at ‘Ohana – Photo by Brett Svenson

Hi Hollie,

One of the things that Disney really does well is to deal with special dietary needs. When you make your dining reservations you can put your shellfish allergy on the reservation. Then the Magic starts.

At the restaurant, your server should ask about it. They should see the note on the reservation. If they don’t be sure to let them know when they are taking drink orders. In a few minutes (and sometimes even before your server comes by) a chef will visit your table and talk to you about the allergy and explain how they will take care of it.

As to ‘Ohana it’s pretty easy. The shrimp is served separately as part of the “meat on sticks” they bring around to the tables. You just say no. For Garden Grill (currently no shellfish on the menu) or any family style service restaurant, it’s easy for them to separate the shell fish and bring it out on a separate serving platter.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is Disney will take care of you. They will have a chef come and tell you what to avoid, they will keep the shellfish away from anything you might eat. They will do all they can to help! It’s almost Magic.


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