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Should I book through Disney or with Delta Vacations?


by Rachel
(Auburn, NY, US)


My two friends and I want to go to Walt Disney World after the completion (or at least, semi-completion) of the new Fantasyland. I recently became a part of the Disney Movie Rewards website. One of the rewards on there for 4,150 points is $125 off of a Disney Vacation Package with Delta Vacations. I want to know if it’s worth the money off or if I should save my points and book through Disney. I appreciate the help. 🙂



Book through Delta or Disney to see the new Fantasyland

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Dad’s Only You Know What’s Right For You Answer


Rachael, thanks for bringing this topic to my attention. As you may know, it’s budget week on Dad’s Blog, so this question couldn’t have come at a better time. Dad’s all about saving money on travelling to Disney, and finding the best way to do it.


So, are Disney Movie Rewards the best way to save? Probably not – but let’s look at why. The Disney Movie Rewards program works on a system where you have to “spend money to make money” as it were. You earn points each time you purchase a Disney Blu-ray, DVD, CD, or attend a Disney theatrical release. Once you have enough points saved up, you can trade them in for prizes like toys, figurines, or gift certificates.


Now, if you have enough points saved up from your average Disney purchasing habits, and there are no other prizes you’d like on the site, this might be a great way to get rewarded for your loyal spending. If, on the other hand, you have to go out and make a bunch of purchases you wouldn’t have made otherwise, this is a really bad idea. You’ll end up spending far more than $125 in order to get those 4,150 points.


Let’s look at it this way. Each Disney Blu-ray is generally in the $30-50 price range, and each one you buy can be worth up to 200 points. You’d need over 20 of them to get enough points! 20 Blu-rays at $30 is $600! Four times the amount of the certificate!


If you have the points already, consider whether you would save more by booking with someone other than Delta – another vacation provider, directly with Disney, or through a great travel agents (Dad likes Destinations to Travel). If Delta is going to cost more, then you’re not saving anything with your $125 gift certificate.


On the other hand, if you are a frequent traveler with Delta, you’ll get 500 bonus SkyMiles points by booking through them so it might be appealing to you.


I know, this is getting very complicated, but this just illustrates my point: only you know what’s right for you. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and you should carefully evaluate what the best way to save money on your trip is for your personal situation. Lucky for you, Dad’s sit is full of tips and tricks!


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Dad’s Bottom Line


Rachael, do the math, figure out what’s right for you. If it’s not using the gift certificate, I’m sure you can put those points to good use on other prizes. Enjoy yourself in the new Fantasyland!


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