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Should I get an Annual Pass?

by Rachel
(Montgomery, AL)

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“Is an Annual Pass worth it for someone who maybe can’t go every year, but plan to go every other year? That is our goal. We went for our honeymoon last year and have decided to make this a semiannual trip. With the dining plan and the memory maker, is it actually worth it if we can’t actually go annually?

I’ve seen people say that only one of us should get a Annual Pass if we do actually go through with it, so obviously that’s what we would do, but does it work out?”

Maybe, maybe not

Mickey and Minnie all dolled up for Christmas

The first year, see Mickey and Minnie at Christmas – Photo by Cliff Wang


The thing about the Annual Pass (AP) is not whether you go every year or two years. It’s how long you stay when you go.

Typically, you have to be at Walt Disney World for more than 10 days in a single trip or do multiple trips in a 365 day period to make an Annual Pass worth it.

Right of the bat, if you want to go every other year and don’t plan to stay more than 10 days, you do not need an Annual Pass.

Even if you go every year, it might not make sense.

If you go yearly, and can take your second trip within the 365 day window, then yes, you should probably get an AP.

For example, the first year, let’s say you go to Walt Disney World the second week of November and enjoy Christmas at Disney World. The next year you could go in September and enjoy the low crowds, the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

That would be a good use of an AP.

And then maybe take a little break for a year and do it again in a different times of the year.

Do the Math

The Halloween decorations in the Magic Kingdom

And next year come back for Halloween – Photo by Wayne Wood

As with most things like this at Disney World you should do the math. Plan out a trip. See what the tickets cost. Look at the price of an AP. What’s the difference?

Now look and see if you can take a second trip within 365 days. Price tickets for that. Add that to the first trip and compare the AP price.

Does the AP make sense? Then get it.

I will say once you have an Annual Pass you will start trying to figure out how to make extra trips to WDW. Hey can we go down for a weekend? It’s addicting.

Nice Perks to an Annual Pass

There are several nice perks you get with your AP that add to the value. For example, as part of your Annual Pass you get Memory Maker which costs $169. That’s money you won’t have to spend. It’s something to think about.

There are other discounts on dining, hotels and souvenirs that can add up but I wouldn’t try to figure them in the calculations.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is an Annual Pass only makes sense if you are going to take multiple trips in a single year (365 days not a calendar year) or you plan a trip of more than 10 days.


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