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Should I go to WDW the First Week of November?

by Ann
(Middle of Kansas)

Hi Dad,

Thanks for taking the time.

We originally were going to go the week right before Thanksgiving, but family changed that plan.

We are from Kansas, looking at going the first week of November, which I think is Jersey Week?

We are DVC members so of course we have to plan a ways out and live where airfare is really expensive and we are a family of 6.

Is this going to be a bad week to go, there is very limited availability already for DVC the first weekend of November?

We also would love to do some swimming as my kids are fish and love the Disney pools as do we.

Thanks for your help.

The Castle Stage show at the Magic Kingdom

You might even see the beginning of Christmas at WDW – Photo by Disney Image Makers

Dad’s mixed thoughts Answer


That’s a real good question. In the past, I would say don’t worry. The first week of November is a great time to go. For years the first week of November has been a sleepy time. In fact, I’ve said a hundred times that Jersey Week is not real. And for years that was certainly true. But…

I was there last year during the first week of November and so was most of the Free World. It was incredibly busy. (I think it’s because Dad had declared it the second “best week of the year to visit WDW” in 2014.)

Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page

Even the Cast Members were surprised. A lot of them said something about how big the crowds were for that particular week.

This year, I think it all boils down to one thing. Does Disney offer Free Dining that week? If they do (and I expect they will) then yes, that week will be very busy. If they don’t then the parks will be empty.

Now, let’s step back for a minute and take a look at what real busy means. It will be really busy compared to the slow times we expect for early November. It won’t be Christmas busy or even summer busy, but the crowds will be moderate to heavy.

That’s still not awful. With FastPass+, Extra Magic Hours and a little planning you should be able to do just about everything you want to do.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Ann, that week will be an OK week to go. It’s not a great week like the week after Thanksgiving, but it’s not a terrible week like Christmas. You should be able to handle it.

Comments for

Apr 09, 2015 Thanks
by: Ann

Thanks for the responses. With little ones late hours hours are not possible for us.

Mar 20, 2015 You should go!
by: Maureen

I was at WDW last year (2014) the first week of November. This was the first trip I planned for our extended family of 10. We had a fantastic time!

The parks were busy, but not unmanageable. With planning (and a little flexibility) I think you will be fine. We did everything we wanted to do and more. We attended the first MVMCP of the season which felt very crowded during the parade and castle lighting.

However, after the parade we rode many popular attractions with no/short lines. We also lucked out on fabulous weather. The whole family ages 4 to 62 enjoyed the trip. My dad (the 62 y/o) even commented that it was one of the best vacations he’d ever been on.

Of course, that could be due in part to the ear to ear smiles on his 4 grandchildren’s faces. We did take advantage of free dining which was an awesome perk. Wishing we could go again the same week this year!

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