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Should I put trading pins in carryon or checked luggage?

“We fly into Disney World via Frontier Airlines in 21 days. My kids are planning to trade pins and are bringing a small amount of pins to get started. Should these be packed in our checked luggage, or can they go in their carry-on bags. I’d hate for them not to be allowed through security, but I’m afraid to put them in their checked bags too, as they will be without them on that first day. Help!”

An airplane and luggage sitting at the gate

Carryon you pins so they don’t get wet… Photo by Judd Helms

Amy, trading pins, that’s just a great, great thing. A lot of fun. Kids love trading pins. The cast members love trading with the kids. It’s just a great idea.

Will you be able to take trading pins in your carryon luggage? Absolutely. The TSA has gotten less restrictive over the last few years. In fact, I carry a whole bunch of little pins in my backpack with I fly. WDW magazine pins. I have Dad’s Guide pins.  I fly a lot and I’ve never had anybody ask about them.

One thing I might suggest is you get a Ziploc bag and you put them all in the Ziploc bag when you put them in your carry on, that way if TSA … If you a crazy TSA agent and they want to look at them, you can just pull them all out in one quick swoop and put them all right back in. So put them in a Ziploc bag, put them in your carry-ons. Don’t worry about it. Maybe some cool TSA agent will want to trade a pin with you. Just kidding. Probably wouldn’t happen, but …

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is … As my buddy Bobby says… “Don’t worry, be happy”. But don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine.

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