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Should I say offsite, onsite or do a split stay?

by Amber
(Fresno, Ca)

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“”Dad, I am super torn about staying onsite versus offsite. I have hotel reserved is Kissimmee, the Red Lion for about $40 a night.” That’s a great rate. “I can’t beat that price.” You’re right, you can’t. “But I really wanted to have few days in the bubble. I looked at the prices of the Value Resort and it’s still quite a bit more.” No kidding. “I plan on renting a car anyway. My question is, how about a split stay? Two nights at the All Star Sports then head over to the Red Lion. I could get my 60 day FastPasses and also my MagicBands.

My son is super excited about these. I’d save a ton. I’d save even more if I skipped the All Stars all together. Do you think the extras are worth it? I can even add the dining plan for those days. Do split stays make sense?”

The Pool at the Pop Century is a good reason to stay onsite vs. offsite

You will miss the pool at the Pop Century – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Amber, I being that it’s a hotels question, I did ask my friends, my partners over at Destinations to Travel to see what they would thought. I got an answer back from Nancy Casteel, she is one of their agents. And she had a really good answer. Here’s what Nancy says… “First I have to say, I love Disney. I love the themes at their resorts, I love the toiletries in the room, I love the food courts. I love the pools. I love their transportation services.” I agree.

“That being said, $40 a night is a deal if you don’t mind driving to and from the parks and paying the parking fees it’s a good deal. If you could snag a room discount at Disney and the difference of the price might not be as much, you might think about considering the daily parking fees. It has to be a personal decision. If you love Disney and exciting to stay onsite then a couple of nights would give you that experience.”

“Since you will need tickets for your entire stay anyway, I would consider a couple nights at Disney at the end of your trip. For me, it’s a big disappointment to have to leave Disney if I’ve stayed at the beginning. If you decide to stay offsite you can always buy Magicbands through the Disney store and you can get your Fastpasses at 30 days on linked into your tickets on your My Disney Experience account.”


Destinations to Travel LLC.
I have to agree with Nancy. I probably, at $40 a night, you’re talking $100 a night difference, that’s a lot of money when you’re talking five or six nights. Even two nights. That’s $200. What would that buy? Would that buy MagicBands? Sure, two MagicBands, are $30 or $40.

The Disney Dining Plan, this is me going off again, I’m not a fan of the Disney Dining Plan. I don’t think for a two night stay it’s going to save you that much money. It might save you $10 or $15 at the most if you use it well. Parking is $20 a day. You’ve still got maybe 80, $90 worth of savings. And you’re going to spend $200 less for those two nights, that’s pretty significant.

I would probably not do a split stay. I’m not a big fan of split stays. We did one once, it was okay but going offsite to onsite, that kind of split stay, that’s a little more difficult because you have to do, you’ve got a car so it’s not as big a deal. You have to move your own suitcases and stuff. I’m not a big fan of split stays and as Nancy said, if you decide it, I would put the Disney at the end.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is I’d just go with the Red Lion. I know it’s not Disney. I know, I’m a Disney guy, I know I’m supposed to be all Disney all the time but the price difference is just pretty significant and if you’re struggling with the money, if you’re asking the question, you’ve got to be thinking about it, I’d just stick with the Red Lion. You can buy your MagicBands even if you’re not staying onsite.

You can save a little money by buying your tickets from our partners at the official ticket center. You won’t save $100 but you’ll save a little bit.

Dad’s Official Ticket Center page


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