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Should we avoid Disney right BEFORE Gay Days’ scheduled Disney events?


by Phyllis


Hi Dad! I am so glad I visited your site a few days ago, otherwise I wouldn’t have been warned that our vacation in Orlando will unfortunately overlap Gay Days! Yikes! Your site is the only one I’ve found that is truly “upfront” about this–most other sites (and even guide books) seem to barely mention it at all, and you’d have to really hunt for it in the first place! Way to go, Dad! I love your site–the personal touch is great.


I have searched your site and read in your comments, regarding avoiding Gay Days, that by June 4th Disney should be back to its normal family-friendly atmosphere. However,what about the days right BEFORE the Gay Days events scheduled at Disney, May 31-June 3? The Gay Days website actually lists May 29th-June 4th as the “official” days in Orlando. Do many of the Gay Day participants seem to take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday and make a whole week of it? Will we be engulfed by lots of red shirts, or have to witness unusual and offensive behavior and “in-your-face” attitudes (more than usual, that is) if we go to Disney from Memorial day, May 28th, through Wed. June 30? What about Universal? Is there a noticeable, large gay contingent there before the Disney gay days?


We do still have some flexibility with our hotel accommodations; we were also planning on a side trip to the beach which we can juggle with time in Orlando. So now we are thinking about staying in Orlando from May 27th-30th, and going to the beach from the 31st-3rd, during the height of Gay Days, and returning to Orlando to visit Disney again on the 4th.


If you’d advise it, we can even reschedule air flights, if necessary, but couldn’t go until the third week in June, which I fear would be much more crowded and hot. What is your advice/opinion, Dad?


Thanks so, so much!



Odyssey Restaurant at EPCOT

May will be beautiful like this … Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s no need to run away Answer




Howdy. Thanks for saying such nice things about little ole Dad. I try to help as much as I can.


You have almost answered your own question, but let me go ahead and ease your mind. Yes, some of the Gay Days events start earlier in the week but the main event are the park days at Walt Disney World. The good news is, unless you end up at the event hotel (the DoubleTree at Sea World) or at the park of the day (see the schedule on my Gay Days page), you will pretty much avoid the revelry. The attendees pretty much congregate at the official designated places.


Dads’s Disney Gay Days page


Your plan of going before the events get started and then going to the beach is a great one. I think you’ll avoid any of the problems you think you might encounter.


Now as to what does actually happen, the in-your-face behavior, I must be truthful. I have never been at Disney World during Gay Days. (We left the day it started years ago.) I can’t speak first hand about any of the behaviors you ask about. I read (from one of the original organizers of the event, one who runs one of the biggest Disney sites in the world) about how some of the people attending have acted and don’t have any desire to be in Orlando during that week.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Phyllis, I wouldn’t go so far as to reschedule your trip. No need to back it up to the dog days of summer. Your plan is great. You will have a wonderful time. Late May is a great time to visit Walt Disney World. Make sure to drop by and tell us how it went.


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Comments for

Jun 22, 2019 Don’t go if you’re truly offended
by: Anonymous Was in Disney years ago during gay days – not by choice. ‘Just didn’t have any idea that there was such a thing at Disney in early June. I saw some pretty disturbing behavior exhibited by gay days “participants” and complained to several Disney employees about what I saw. I remember that same year, there was even a report on Fox News about some of the truly nasty stuff that was going on at Downtown Disney.

There’s basically nothing Disney can do unless people are caught in the act (by a Disney employee) and then the offenders are escorted out of the park or venue. Maybe things have changed since then and gay days folks have calmed down? I don’t know. I’ve never been back there in early June and I’ll never go back there in early June. But I love going at other times of the year. They are always great trips!

Jun 22, 2019 Avoid if you can
by: Anonymous I and my sister and niece “stumbled” upon gay days at Disney in Orlando 15 or so years ago. I was appalled and disgusted by behavior that I witnessed at Magic Kingdom and at what was then called Downtown Disney.

I complained to several Disney employees about the stuff that I saw same s x couples doing. I was told that the only thing a Disney employee could do is catch the offending parties in the act and they would then be escorted out of the park, or venue. ‘Never been back to Disney in early June since then…And it’s always a great trip!

Jun 05, 2019 LGBQXYZ days
by: Anonymous helpful comments from “Dad” and “Phyllis” and I guess it’s helpful that they wear red shirts, allowing others to make a wide berth……sorry, but you all are bringing this on yourselves. you say you are like everyone else, but yet you single yourselves out by clothing and some disgusting, over the top, PDA’s not suitable for a family park.

May 26, 2019 I’ve visi
by: Anonymous Hi there,

I advise you to speak neutrally when discussing Gay Days. I’ve visited your site many times before, and am very disappointed to see your ignorant and disrespectful views on the LGBTQ community.

I’ve visited during Gay Days numerous times, and it’s always been the same as any other time during the year. Aside from the crazy people who send out planes with banners that say “WARNING, GAYS IN DISNEY.”

Disney World is an inclusive, beautiful place. You have the right to provide information, but you do not have the right to be a judgemental person when providing the information. Please consider changing the way that you speak of the LGBTQ community, as many of them are people you associate with on a daily and weekly basis.

For God’s sake, the CEO of Disney World is gay!

Dad Answers

There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone visiting a Disney Park. Everyone is welcome as long as they play nicely with everyone else.

The problem with Gay Days is that it has gotten the reputation, rightly or wrongly I don’t know, for being an unwholesome environment for anyone. Gay or straight.

Walt Disney World is a place for families no matter what they look like, but whenever anyone acts in a way that is unacceptable in society that behavior should not be tolerated.

Just like I warn people that weekends during the Food and Wine at EPCOT are not family friendly, I’ll keep warning them that Gay Days might be something they want to avoid.

It has nothing to do with any person or belief, but with the actions that reportedly happen during the event.

I think if you read my answers about Gay Days, you’ll find that I answer neutrally, only discussing dates, and the actions of those involved. I’m harder on Dad’s ignoring their kids or the drunks in EPCOT than I am on Gay Days.

Jun 02, 2018 Just left the park
by: Jim Wow – just got back from the Disney world park and year there was many “red shirt” men, women, parents and what seemed to be many straight couples supporting their children and sinlings.

As a retired military – devoted Christian – married for 35 years, father of three grown children (all straight as far as I know) and a grandfather. I say that because I fit in my option the model of a straight masculine male. But I didn not feel any uncomfortableness, awkwardness or any disrespect from the ladies and gentlemen that were wearing red shirts. I was rudely spoken to from one very heterosexual lady and her husband for not moving up fast enough in he line 2 feet. Only to stand there for another 30 minutes.

I really don’t think your fear of rude behavior is warranted from those in red shirts. It was a concern of mine and well but I never saw any offensive actions for anyone in a red shit. Actually it have me a much better respect and opened my mind to my own insecurities. Over all there were many more people not wearing red shirt than those that were.

I think if you challenge yourself to love one another and understand our children will make up their own minds no matter how hard we press them one way or the other, you be fine. We raised our children in a conservative church and in the end I am thankful they all grew up be accepting of everyone. I had more of a hang up that they did with this.

Those that wore red shirts today at Walt Disney world I suspect many of them are the leaders of our corporation. Politicians, doctors care giver those in you community that you respect and many who live a life just as we do.

Red Shirt day turned out to be a great day for my family and we would 100% do it again and may even wear red to support unity.

May 31, 2018 Straight people already have Disney for 51 weeks
by: Anonymous Let us have 1 . I’m surprised that this person is claiming offensive behavior when I as a visitor have seen plenty of offensive behavior by straight people.

Jun 06, 2012 Update and tip for getting on Toy Story Mania
by: Phyllis Hi Dad and everyone. I just got back from our trip to Disney (and the gulf near Clearwater)and I am happy to report that I did not notice anything (or anyone) that would even remotely hint that “gay days” were going to be taking place there later that week. Any one who is considering going right before gay days should rest assured that they will still find the parks “family friendly” with no signs of the impending “gay days” to worry about.

We were in Disney World on Memorial Day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We then left for the beach on Thursday, which would be the official first “gay day” event scheduled at Disney. We would have liked to stay a day longer at Disney, but didn’t want to chance any “issues” with the “gay days” crowds.) We tried going to a water park on Thursday, but evidently everyone else had the same idea, so when we saw how crowded the parking lot was, even though it was early, we just left. I don’t know if the water parks are typically very crowded on Thursdays–perhaps families need a break from theme parks by then?, or if they were also trying to avoid “gay days”, or whatever.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the level of the crowds the days we were there–much better–less crowded– than when we went during “value days” a few years ago the third week of August (and much cooler, too!), even though this is considered the “standard” season. Perhaps it just seemed that way, though, because on this trip we were smart and followed the suggestion of avoiding the parks with the extra magic hours! (Unlike our last trip where we always went to the park with the extra magic hours in the evening–big mistake!)

We also followed the “best park” recommendations of “” and think that they were “spot on” as far as we could tell. Even the Magic Kingdom on Memorial Day wasn’t as crowded as one would normally have expected–even before the afternoon rainstorm– which especially seemed to help clear out the park and lines in general became very short or even non-existent!)

Here is a little tip to help you get onto what I understand is now the most popular ride at Disney: Toy Story Mania at Hollywood studios: Go there during the Fantasmic show! We thought we would not be able to get on the Toy Story ride at Hollywood studios because wait times were too long for us–70 minutes–and the fast passes were gone by noon- despite the park not seeming very crowded in general that Tuesday. However, by 9:15 pm. the park seemed almost deserted while most people were at the Fantasmic show (even though there was another show scheduled again at 10:30)- so we walked over to the Toy Story ride and were actually able to almost walk right on to it–We had maybe a two minute wait!

Hope this helps someone.

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Comments 2

  1. I stumbled onto gay days at Disney World by accident one year with my family while attending the same park they were. It was overwhelmingly crowded. Once I realized gay days had a schedule as to which park they were attending each day my family and I just go to a different park. I actually planned three Disney World vacations to take place during gay days because if you attend a different park from the gay days schedule the attendance is lower in the other parks. I have four children and I have never seen any behavior being exhibited on any of my four Disney trips that I would not want my children to see.

  2. My husband and I took our 10yr old niece to Disney for her birthday last year unknowingly our visit fell during the gay days events. We were unprepared when my niece asked why there was a bearded man wearing the same princess dress that she was, he couldn’t be a princess. When making reservations for a family vacation that includes children Disney should be upfront and make the person making the reservation aware that this reservations will fall during gay days.

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