Should we brave the construction at the Polynesian?

by Jason Bennett
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

Dad, first off, thanks alot for the information you provided. My family and I spent our very first Disney Vacation at the Polynesian this summer and we are now hooked. We’re already planning next year!

We’re a little torn though. We totally fell in love with Poly. My wife and I love the Hawaiian atmosphere, bars and beach and the kids adored the pool and views of wishes.

We’re torn because we’re worried we’re missing out on other great resort experiences by going to Poly again. And of course the risk of a possible construction fiasco rumor that is floating around. What would you do? Book at your favorite resort (and run risks of construction) or book somewhere else and take a chance that you find another gold nugget or a piece of lead.



the beach at the Polynesian Resort

The best beach anywhere – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s it doesn’t get any better Answer


As a fellow Polynesian Resort lover I can definitely understand your uncertainty. The rumors about the construction are unsettling.


The Polynesian Resort is the best hotel in the whole world. That’s a fact (or at least in my opinion). What could be better? That great island feel, the beach, the view of the Magic Kingdom, the monorail, ‘Ohana, Kona Cafe … It’s just amazing.

Dads’s Polynesian Resort page

So am I saying you should go back to the Polynesian even with all the construction? Maybe not. Disney does a great job of covering up construction areas but they are still construction areas. The barriers will take away from the views and the beauty of the resort. (We actually saw this at the Grand Floridian last year.)

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Are there some other beautiful resorts? Sure there’s the Beach Club or the Yacht Club. You get a completely different experience over there. You are right behind EPCOT and it’s just a short boat ride to Disney Hollywood Studios.

If you just want beauty, go over to the Wilderness Lodge. You won’t find anything more beautiful. Of course, there’s always the amazing experience of sitting on a balcony “awakening the day” with the animals at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

So what do you do? Do you brave the construction or do you look for the diamond?

One thing you could do is to get some professional help. Check with my friends over at Destinations to Travel and get their opinion. They’ve been there, done that and can help you figure out what the best option is.

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Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jason, I think for one trip I’d try something different. You can go back to Nirvana (the Polynesian) on your next trip. Pick one of the gems I mentioned above and enjoy.

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